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Feeling Needy Around Women

needy man 1A common issue for Nice Guys is feeling needy around women. They often approach them in a “please like me” kind of way -- passive and ineffective. Once in a relationship, Nice Guys tend to hook up a hose to their woman and expect her to constantly validate them and be their core source of social and emotional connection.
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Women, Trust, and Sexual Desire

sensual womanIf you seem to have difficulty getting women to want to have sex with you or you’ve been with women who seemed to lose their interest in having sex with you over time, my guess is that you never gave women a reason to trust you, or that you killed whatever trust a woman once had. . . .
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Negativity Toward Women

gold digger licenseIt’s a pretty common dynamic among Nice Guys to have some negativity and resentment toward women. This is especially true for single guys who have either not had much success dating or guys who have a tendency to pick (and stay with) some pretty wounded women. . . .
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Showing up With Your Sexual Agenda Intact

sexual agendaWhen teaching men how to effectively approach women, I frequently admonish them that they have to show up with their sexual agenda intact. Nice Guys frequently find this both confusing and frightening. . . . Read More

How to Turn a Woman Off

slap 1 1While there may be many reasons why a woman might have low interest in interacting with you (all of which have nothing to do with you), there might be some things you are doing at the meta level that might trigger a low interest response in a woman. . . .
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Can Women Instantly Tell If You Are a Loser?

woman loserA typical Nice Guy writes: "In one of your previous podcasts you stated how many of us “Nice Guys” believe that women can see our flaws at a distance. I used to believe this of just about everyone -- they only had to look at me to see how inept and flawed I was. . . " Read More

Dating Multiple Women

man with two womenMost of us are programed to not do anything that might upset a woman. We will put what a woman wants (or least what we think she wants) above what we want. . . .
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What Women Find Attractive

woman looking at manMost Nice Guys have doubts about their attractiveness. They focus on being too short, overweight, too thin, not enough hair, etc., etc. . . .
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Conversing with Women

man talking to blond womanMany men have some degree of social anxiety and limited experience approaching women. Because of this anxiety and lack of experience, they see being able to initiate and carry on a conversation as one of the biggest barriers between them and the love and sex they want. . . .
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