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Bringing Up The Past

couple-fighting-smallI've kind of been stewing on this since I wrote it, and a couple things are bubbling up for me. First, how do you get over that "never forgetting" thing? I often find it hard to communicate with my wife, because I'm afraid of saying anything I'm not certain of, knowing that everything I say can and will be held against me.”

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Your Number One Sticking Point

frustrated manThis is how life works. We continuously bump into various sticking points that cause us frustration, anxiety, fear, guilt, etc. Until we step up and consciously deal with them, nothing ever changes. No matter what our sticking points are, we can’t rise any higher in life until we clear those hurdles. Period. It doesn’t matter what your sticking is, you can only rise as high as that particular glass ceiling will permit.
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How to Set Healthy Boundaries

boundaries stopIf we are conscious – in our higher, loving self – we can set boundaries with love and integrity. The more conscious we are, the more elegant and inviting our boundaries will be. The most loving boundaries are the ones that lead others into their own higher consciousness.
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Embracing Abundance

abundance open armsAbundance is not defined by how much a person has, but by how aware a person is of how much he or she already has. If you can’t see that you are already abundantly blessed, you won’t be able to see when it is multiplied by 10, or 100, or 1000, or even a million. . .
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man climbing rockDo you want to find happiness? Do you want to live with passion? Do you want to rise to your potential? Do you want to experience deep intimacy? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Then get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. . . .
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Attachment to Outcome

suffering 2The Buddha said that attachment is the cause of all suffering. I add that attachment is also the cause of all anxiety. It can also be a slippery slope toward a loss of integrity. . . .
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A Hungry Tiger in Every Mall

hungry tigerCan you imagine how exciting shopping would be if you actually had to be alert to the possibility of a hungry tiger lurking in the shoe department at Nordstrom? You would actually feel more alive and alert when you went to buy shoes. . . . Read More


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