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100% More Productive and 100% Happier

by Dr. Robert Glover on Nov 26th, 2013.     1 comments

productive-manWould you believe me if I said that you could be 100% more productive in life?
That you could finally live up to your potential in work and career?
That you could finally start and complete all those big and little projects hanging over you?
That you could finally begin that special endeavor you’ve been planning and dreaming about for years?
And that, on top of all these, you could have more satisfying relationships, live a healthier lifestyle, enjoy more energy, and be happier in general?
I promise you, these possibilities are not far-fetched and might be within your grasp.
Here’s the thing. I’ve been working with men for over 20 years, and I’ve heard it all. But there are two things that I’ve heard over and over again – literally on a daily basis:
“Procrastination is ruining my life.”
“I just can’t get unstuck and live up to my potential.”

I had five long-distance clients yesterday, and two spent their entire session talking about how procrastination is keeping them stuck and frustrated and preventing them from launching the special projects they feel most passionate about.
A tendency to procrastinate, get distracted, stay stuck, not finish, and avoid things both big and small overwhelmingly affects a man’s ability to feel competent, intelligent, passionate, attractive, and HAPPY!
What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?
What if I told you I probably have the solution?
What if you really could become 100% more productive and, as a result, 100% happier?
I must hear it at least a dozen times every week from the men I work with. They say it to me in person, over the internet, and through email: “Thank you, Dr. Glover. Your insight, experience, and advice have completely changed my life.”
This isn’t an ego thing. I’m a recovering Nice Guy myself and have spent literally thousands of hours over the last 20+ years working with recovering Nice Guys individually, in couples therapy, in groups, and in workshops.
Want to know what’s been the most significant life-changer for many of these men?
Realizing they have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD!
When I started paying attention to the symptoms and markers of ADD/ADHD a few years ago, it blew my mind how many men I work with have been dragging a hidden anchor behind them all their lives. Most are smart, moderately successful, but FRUSTRATED! And they just don’t know why.
Want to know what most men say when I bring up the possibility that they might have ADD/ADHD?
“Really? Me?”
Ironically, even the guys who were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in childhood or report they have close family members with ADD/ADHD often never seriously considered that it might be affecting them – especially into adulthood.
When you have untreated ADD/ADHD, you have to work twice as hard as everyone else to accomplish half as much. You suffer low self-esteem, you act impulsively, you get easily distracted, you procrastinate, you don’t follow through, you frustrate the people closest to you, and you don’t live up to your potential.
On top of it all, you tend to medicate away all these issues by wasting hours playing video games, surfing the internet, watching television, drinking too much, smoking pot, and/or engaging in intense or risky behavior – all of which makes you feel even worse about yourself.
ADD/ADHD is such an issue for men, and the solutions are so simple and effective, that I have spent the last several years looking for the best resources to help men deal with it and take charge of their lives.
Having the right information and applying the right tools for dealing with ADD/ADHD are literally GAME-CHANGERS!
It is not unusual to become 100% more productive and 100% happier – often within days!
Here is some of the best news I have ever reported in my blog and newsletter.
I have found a person I believe is one of the world’s top authorities on helping men successfully deal with ADD/ADHD. That man is Don Baker.
What’s more, all this time, Don was right in my backyard in Seattle, helping men and women change their lives. And get this: he graduated two years ahead of me from the same high school! Small world!
Here is even better news. Don has developed and is teaching an eight-week online course at TPI University for men dealing with ADD/ADHD. So you don’t have to go to Seattle to work with one of the world’s top experts!

Check out Don Baker's four-week online course at TPI University, Back From Distraction (BFD)
I hate to even use the word “course” or “class” to describe BFD. It is so much more. Back From Distraction is literally a tribe of men banding together around a shared life experience, helping each brother maximize their own unique brain wiring. Achieving the amazing things they were born to manifest in the world.
Already several hundred men have downloaded the free interview, "ADD: A Success Story" I did with Don a couple of weeks ago, and their responses have been amazing.
If you think there is any possibility you might have the unique brain wiring that creates the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, you owe it to yourself to find out for sure.
Put simply, if you can check off any of the following…
  • Procrastination
  • Distractibility
  • Time wasting
  • Difficulty staying on topic
  • Often having to start over when distracted
  • Dreaming but not doing
  • Difficulty finishing
  • Avoidance
  • Forgetfulness
  • Never reading or listening to instructions
  • Losing things
  • Rumination
  • Bouncing from subject to subject in conversations
  • Drinking a lot of coffee or colas
  • Needing background noise to study or sleep
  • Difficulty living up to potential
  • Frustration in life in general
…you owe it to yourself to check out Back From Distraction.
Click this link to the Back From Distraction course page where you’ll find:
  • A list of ADD/ADHD traits
  • A link to an amazing free interview between me and Don Baker about his life journey dealing with ADD/ADHD
  • A link to an online ADD/ADHD self-exam
  • A description of how Back From Distraction will change your life
There really is a way Back From Distraction!

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Andy says ...
A Great interview with Don Baker on ADD Robert. It helped me to identify and understand what ADD is all about but most importantly that it is not a flaw within me. In recently being diagnosed with ADD I have learned instead that it is a condition with definite challenges to work through and made worse through a lack of information and understanding. I need to take the course I think.


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