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Embracing Abundance

by Dr. Robert Glover on Jun 27th, 2012.     12 comments

abundance-open-armsOpening up to abundance isn't a pursuit; it's a state of mind. Abundance isn’t an issue of degree; it’s an issue of awareness and acceptance.

Abundance is not defined by how much a person has, but by how aware a person is of how much he or she already has. If you can’t see that you are already abundantly blessed, you won’t be able to see when it is multiplied by 10, or 100, or 1000, or even a million.

While it may appear that some people have more material things, that doesn’t mean that they have more abundance. The accumulation of stuff does not necessarily mean that a person feels blessed, abundant, or prosperous. In fact, having a lot of things often gets in the way of a person’s ability to feel wealthy or satisfied. Abundance can’t be defined just in terms of volume or mass. It can include health, friends, happiness, or well-being.

Abundance is like air. You are already experiencing it with every breath you take. If you already have all the air you need, there is no reason to hold your breath and hoard the air you have, gasp for more air, worry if there will be enough air tomorrow, or envy those who appear to be breathing more than their fair share.

Want to experience abundance? Stop pursuing it. Stop searching for it. Stop grasping for it. If your core paradigm doesn’t allow you to believe that there is enough to go around, no amount of searching or striving will allow you to receive what is out there.

Try this: Think about some good and unexpected thing that happened to you in the last twenty-four hours—some blessing that you weren’t seeking or searching for. It could be a stranger’s smile, a friend’s gesture of generosity, a favorite song on the radio, the touch of a loved one, a pleasant conversation, a good laugh, a refund in the mail. We don’t notice these multitude of blessing continuously flowing through our lives, because  too often we are so consumed with searching and grasping for something else.  

Until you change your core beliefs about yourself and the world, you won’t find what you are searching for. The paradox of abundance is that you have to stop seeking it and start realizing it’s already there —you just lack the ability to see it.

Developing an “Attitude of Gratitude”

At least three times a day, spend some time thinking about and having gratitude for your blessings. Try this first thing in the morning, before you go to bed at night, and at least once more during the day.

Create a way for this activity to be a moment during your day that is different from your other activities. If possible, find a time to be alone while you do this. It can be helpful to do this activity in the same location each time as well. Some people find it meaningful to create a meditative environment (e.g. lighting a candle, kneeling, sitting on a pillow, etc.). Do what helps you feel calm, meditative, and emotionally centered. The goal is to create a personal practice that is radically different from how you usually go about your day.

You live in an abundant world. You have been abundantly blessed. The key to having everything you’ve ever wanted is realizing that you already have it.


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Lee says ...
I loved your blog, which came to me because of your new website. I have been trying to let go of excess stuff for years; the emotional clutter is the hardest. I have been lugging around an oxygen tank--as though scuba diving--when I have all the air I need. I will feel much lighter without the tank, if I will just put it down.
Nima says ...
This is all so true. I have been listening to Dr. Glover and reading his books and blogs for a few years. Everything he writes makes sense and works. I only wish I could let go easier than the baggage I have been carrying around for years. It feels so normal I don't even see it's there. In any case, the reminders are great. I hope I can dump 25 years of this niceness garbage I have been carrying and the sooner the better. I am doing better I believe and hope the progress continues.
Steve says ...
Tru dat, Doc! Tru dat.
Mark says ...
Nima I agree but I'd like to hear what you or anyone has been experiencing in terms of your behavior for excess niceness and how you've been handling it & making progress
Chuck says ...
As usual Dr. Glover's message is right on target. He makes you think about the things we take for granted and the assumptions we make based on material wealth. I make a daily practice of reminding myself of the things I'm grateful for which includes getting exposed to the work of Dr. Glover. From time to time we all forget how fortunate we really are.. thanks for the reminder, Dr. Glover.
Steve says ...
As usual, Dr. Glover's work is like a blast of cool air on a hot summer's day. I just finished his book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy," and I am already beginning to notice small, but extraordinary changes in my life.

Rock on!
Robert Glover says ...
One of the best ways I've found to learn to let go and open up to abundance is to clean our drawers, closets, and storage. Letting go of things we no longer use or need helps lighten the load physically and emotionally. As we learn to let go of stuff, we also learn to let go of emotional baggage. The less physical and emotionally stuff we are packing around with us, the lighter we feel and the more open we are to let new and interesting things flow into our life.
Guy says ...
I love this!!! Thanks!
Howard says ...
The good doctor always delivers. Great perspective and something everyone needs to be more aware of - having an "attitude of gratitude." Go forth and be grateful, men! Doctors orders! ;-)
kevin marcinek says ...
Thank you for reminding us to be grateful as a matter of attitude Robert. Since the economic downturn, my old optimistic self has been replaced by a stance of disgratitude. I am blessed with a life of love, friends and opportunity and I don't know why I contineously forget that. I think that part of the reason why many of us don't think well is that we don't feel well. Regardless, I'm keeping your blog to remind me not to forget what I already knew.
Maximo Macaroni says ...
The culture is forcing men to be "nice guys". We are cooperating in our own demise. Witness Glover's use of the conformist and supine "he or she" in his writing. He's writing about men! Why would politically correct grammar and word choice be necessary even to sell more books? Such moral capitulation undermines a salutary message.

Also, what is "netiquite", "Doctor"??
Atanas says ...
This Gratitude practice, only help me to notice the bad things of the day after i`ve been gratitude for others, like perfection people focus on imperfections. Like John Ceho, Joe Vitale and others self help authors, this make people feel nervous and make them idiots. It make people less responsible for important things and bring them problems from lack of responsibility. This vicious circle that people like Glover make is to try to confuse people more and more so their business of therapist and gurus has clients. I like what Robert Bly say about meditation, repeating mantras, affirmation or gratitude technique in "Iron John".


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