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Getting Unstuck / Staying Unstuck

by Dr. Robert Glover on Jan 24th, 2014.     4 comments

moving-beyond-stuck-landingGetting Unstuck / Staying Unstuck
A Conversation Between
Robert Glover and Roger Nix

Listen to Robert and Roger's intimate conversation about their personal journeys of getting unstuck. Roger shares his process of getting unstuck from crippling anxiety and Robert talks about getting unstuck from his toxic, trauma-bonded marriage. Both Roger and Robert share key strategies they have found effective for getting unstuck and staying unstuck.

Where ever you are stuck in your life, this interview will give you inspiration, hope, and effective strategies for moving forward and getting back on track when you slip back into old habits.

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twb says ...
Robert and Roger's "converstion" on moving beyond stuck/staying unstuck is an invaluable listen for anyone who has battled in this sacred ground. What's most unique about it is that it's a conversation between two guys who have been mired in deep stuckness and felt the despair, self-loathing, depression and hopelessness that often comes with living in that space. Most importantly they are two experienced and educated guys who have found ways to move out of that state of stuck into flourishing lives. That's the kind of perspective I most trust. Knowledge learned in the trenches of life converts to wisdom and this is what you will get from this good use of your time/ears.
Guillaume B. says ...
It was very rewarding and interesting to listen to you. I took notes and add interesting idears to move beyond and to bring for the better, better habits.
Thanks guys !
Roland in San Diego says ...
I'm grateful to be a student and to have the invaluable insights that Dr. Glover and Roger teach. The Moving Beyond Stuck podcast was something I was looking for. It is helping to kick-start me in the direction I need to go....

Thank you Dr. Glover for your experience and work & thank you Roger for sharing your story and wisdom.
martin says ...
Roberts and Rogers Conversation was unbelievable helpful for me to give me the strength to move out of my current stuck state. their Openness and sharing from their own deep experiences is such a great gift for me. Also the material from the workshop is very helpful for me, tough I have not so much time to study it. Many thanks to both of you. I will stay close.


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