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Smart But Stuck

by Dr. Robert Glover on Jun 27th, 2014.     5 comments

smart-stuck-landingListen to my conversation with Don Baker about Tom Brown's new book, "Smart But Stuck."

Smart but Stuck, explains how and why many with ADHD get stuck in their schooling, employment and relationships due to emotional problems they did not know they have. It describes how emotions –positive and negative, often unconsciously–play a critical role in prioritizing tasks, sustaining or shifting interest and effort, holding thoughts in working memory, and choosing to engage in or avoid tasks and situations.


Don Baker, MA, LMHC is the creator of "Back From Distraction" (BFD). He has been a leader in the Seattle ADHD community for over 15 years. He is an inspiring and passionate speaker with an expertise in ADHD.

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Brain Guy says ...
This is a worthwhile listen, even if you don't suspect that you have ADHD. I was diagnosed several years ago and have been on and off medication, and have discovered that with the right combination of medication and ongoing therapy, my life has gotten substantially better. One particular thing occurred to me while I was listening to this podcast: it might be possible that I am drawn to certain women who are particularly challenging and chaotic because my brain is wired to have this reaction to them? I find that the more challenging it is to pursue the women, the more I will obsess and ruminate? If so, that would explain so much, don't you think? It would seem to me that would be a really way to think of things (the dopamine hypothesis) rather than asking myself about what is wrong with me, why am I obsessing, etc.
Kevin says ...
I am 51 year old adult male who was diagnosed with ADHD in the early 2000's. I have been on multiple medications since but mostly none, primarily because I decided I wanted to accept my "condition" for what it is rather than something that has to be "fixed". I am an Electronic Engineering Technologist with a Professional Engineering license; I am an avid outdoor enthusiast who likes camping, backpacking, and skiing among many other things; I am a private pilot currently pursuing an instrument rating and plan to expand my skills doing backcountry flying, commercial and flight instruction ratings. Even though I constantly pursue various activities I constantly find myself STUCK! I truly appreciated the podcast and can't see how I cannot participate in the upcoming online course. I am looking forward to it! See you there!
kb says ...
so how do I seethe free interview?
John says ...
I have just listened to the interview and I know this comment will come quite a bit later, but I still feel the need to write something.

After finishing dr. Glovers book this summer, my life changed in a very positive, very extreme way. I finally found answers to some lifelong questions and I finally started feeling unstuck in my life and my work. Everything improved - from my sex life and the relationships I have with other people, to how I view myself and the relationships I have with myself. Unfortunately, a few months later, although I was doing the exercises from the "No More Mr Nice Guy" book by dr Glover, I just found myself stuck again. Severe stress from my work started creeping back into my life and as I started doing projects for myself, I just couldn't manage the stress. It became a huge, immovable, overwhelming thing in my life. I couldn't even read a simple sentence and my mind was constantly racing a thousand miles an hour. I have always had the problems described in the interview, and now, after taking multiple test, it seems that I may indeed suffer from ADD/ADHD. After just listening about how other people suffer from a similar condition and how there is hope and something is not horribly wrong with me, I instantly started feeling better. I will definitely read more about the subject, especially the book by Tom Brown.

This was, as always, extremely helpful. Thank you for all your hard work, dr Glover.
Claudia Prana says ...
Thank you for your article. I found this useful.

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