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Take Your Job and LOVE It!

by Dr. Robert Glover on Apr 23rd, 2014.     5 comments

i-heart-my-job10 Game-Changers to Turn Any Job into a Job You Love
Take the “Love Your Job” Challenge!

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Most of us at one time or another have wanted to shout, “Take this job and shove it!”
Let’s be honest. Some jobs are better than others. Some might fit someone else but be pure torment for you. And some really do suck.
Even the best of jobs can get tedious, demanding, or repetitious. Worse, many jobs are down right boring, exhausting, brain numbing, demeaning, or physically dangerous.
Whether you have a good job that is occasionally unsatisfying or a terrible job for which you have to psych yourself up or smoke a joint just to get out of bed, you can take charge and actually enjoy showing up.
I’m realistic. Some jobs are terrible, and you can’t change that. But you can change how you experience your job if you can’t turn in your two-week notice.
Most people think they only have three options when they feel stuck in the less-than-ideal job:

1. Stick it out and be miserable,
2. Hope something will change (crappy boss promoted, asshole co-worker fired, etc.), or leave.
3. There is another option: change yourself, and show up in a different way.
It’s your choice. You can whine and complain about your job, or you can change your attitude and behavior. You can change your perspective about the place and even the job itself.
It’s amazing how a situation can change dramatically, even do a 180, when you decide to show up differently. So no matter what kind of job you’re in:

  • A career you have educated and trained yourself for,
  • A part-time or temporary hourly job,
  • A good job that could be better,
  • A sucky job that you hate,
I am giving you the “Love Your Job Challenge.”
I am giving away a free podcast with ten game-changing strategies to help you take your job and love it.
Download my free podcast and take the challenge. I promise if you do these ten things every day, you can turn your job into a job you love – or at least one you don't need "herbal" remedies to get you through.
As a preview, here’s the first five game-changers I present in the podcast:

1. Own your job.
2. Turn every “Oh, no, I have to” into an “Oh, boy, I get to.”
3. Don’t cheat your employer.
4. Educate your boss.
5. Say no.

Download my free podcast now to find out how to apply these five game-changers, plus get the other five.

After you download and listen to the podcast, come back to this page and tell about your experience of applying the 10 game-changers to your job.

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David says ...
Yeah, we get it. But a little spoilt rich-world advice really.

I live in a country where let's say you're working in a supermarket, you're getting about $5 an hour (if that).

Sure, your advice can be helpful in the rich world where maybe a banker is getting jaded but taking home thousands of bucks. Go to the rest of the planet and tell the girl who got up at 6am only to work the whole day without a break to show up smiling..I'd like to see you do this.

On a positive note, definitely those fortunate to have a decent wage should be grateful for it and to appreciate what they have, and to make a real go of it..
Robert Glover says ...
David, you are right, this podcast was directed at a population that has internet access and a laptop or smart phone to download and listen to it. Ironically though, much of the advice I give comes from living in a 3rd world country (Mexico).

My house cleaner makes around $4 an hour, yet she always shows up happy and does a great job. I live among people, many of whom live below the poverty level, yet most are happy and love life.

One goal of this podcast is to help jaded people in industrial nations realize how well off they are and stop complaining and feeling entitled. I don't care if you make $4 dollars an hour or $4,000 a day, the advice still applies.

Eric says ...
I like this podcast! Funny but I just changed jobs 4 months ago because I needed to learn how to be a "good ender". This was dead on as far as how to put this in practice! Nice work!
WorkingMan says ...
This podcast is incredible. I also shared it with my wife who works in HR and she wants to play it for all the unmotivated complainers that she has to deal with.

This really is a game-changer podcast.
Claudia Prana says ...
Thank you for your article. I found this useful.

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