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From Nice Guys to Good Men
Cambridge, MA

Let by Ted Helm, LICSW, Certified NMMNG Therapist
  • Psychotherapy Group
  • Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
  • Requirements for joining: six month commitment, intake for fit
From Nice Guys to Good Men is a place to get real - we will cover the full range of experiences: work, love, sex, family, history, illness, growth, loss, relapse, and recovery. You will have the opportunity to make lasting changes that stay with you long after graduating from the group. As with all therapy groups, you will not be expected to 'check your baggage at the door.' We do a lot of here-and-now discussion, so you can practice recovery in real time. You'll find the process supportive and challenging, fun and serious, stretching and contemplative, introspective and broadening.

ted help 2Ted Helm has been practicing psychotherapy since 1999, including as the director of an intensive group therapy program. He has been involved in the NMMNG recovery community since 2000. In addition to working with recovering Nice Guys, Ted works with adults on a wide range of problems and teaches cooking as a chef-instructor.


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