Recording of Office Hours with Dr. Glover 12-22-18

Recording of a live 90-minute Q&A session with Dr. Glover
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Saturday, 22 December, 2018

Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:
  • How to overcome obsessive thoughts about a partner’s past sexual history
  • How to deal with a ruminating brain that keeps one depressed, isolated, and stuck in life
  • How to get out of the nursery and find masculine initiation in order to live up to one’s full potential
  • How to deal with one’s ruminating brain when a family member (mother) comes to visit and triggers old emotional wounds
  • How to set boundaries and lead in a relationship when one’s partner is vacillating about leaving
  • How to manage one’s time in order to stay focused on passion and purpose – without shaming self for perceived failures
  • How to become more conscious of emotional triggers behind compulsive eating

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