Recording of Office Hours: 28 March, 2:00 PM PDT

Recording of Live Q&A webinar with Dr. Glover
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Questions Answered by Dr. Glover in This Q&A Webinar

  • How does a 33-year-old virgin get out of the friend zone and find a girlfriend (and have sex)?
  • How to stop ruminating about staying or leaving a long-term relationship and start setting the tone and taking the lead.
  • How to become more authentic with one’s partner.
  • How to deal with the anxiety of financial stress and worries about the future.
  • How to practice the Three Rules for Great Sex when one’s partner seem uninterested in sex.
  • How to overcome an unconscious need to feel guilty and charge what one is worth in business.
  • How does Nice Guy Syndrome overlap with Attachment Theory?
  • How do you create positive emotional tension organically with no attachment to outcome?
  • How to date and hook up when one isn’t interested in finding a girlfriend.

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