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Links Mentioned in Video

Book Review

December Book Review

Men's Work by Connor Beaton Comming Soon

Dr. Robert Glover's Books

NMMNG Certified Coach Offerings

Alex Moore will be running his Unleash the Warrior: 30-Day Masculinity Challenge, at the start of December. This challenge is tailored to redefine what masculinity means to you, through a meticulously crafted series of daily challenges aimed at sculpting your physical, mental, social, and emotional prowess. It’s time to kick those nice guy habits to the curb! The next challenge starts on December 1. For details, contact Alex directly

Sidharth is based in India and takes on 1-on-1 coaching clients from all around the world. Contact him through his website for a free consultation. Get his new book The Integrated Man: A Handbook For the Recovering Nice Guy (with a Foreword by Dr. Glover).

Tony Endelman invites you to watch his free workshop: How to Overcome Nice Guy Syndrome without Anxiety, Guilt, or Overwhelm. Tony is a master certified life coach and is certified in the Psychology of Happiness. He is also the founder of The Integrated Man Cave and Integrated Man University, and the author of THE BIG STICK: Collected & Applied Wisdom from the Teachings of Dr. Robert Glover. Check out his free workshop here.

5-day live in-person small-group energetic embodiment course in Jupiter, Florida, beginning December 7th, 2023 by Brian Begin (The Fearless Man). Get all the details by emailing Landon directly.

Ted Riter offers men’s groups, coed programs and 1:1 coaching opportunities for Nice Guys and women who love them. Drawing from his own lineage of Judaism, Tantra, Embodiment and plant medicine, Ted serves as a translator for couples trying to work past old stories that no longer serve their relationship. Ted is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and leads workshops around the country. Learn more about Ted and his offerings here.

Join Christopher K. Wallace, author of SIPPING FEAR PISSING CONFIDENCE: For Men, Solving the Riddle of Your Addictions, and thousands of men in the highest member-rated full service online FB group for daily Advisor to Men ™ (ATM) insight; Q & A and member chat; free weekly ATM zoom call; the ATM NEWS; specialized Shame & Anxiety & Defender integration courses; the FREE ATM Sleep Cure course; the 10M Men's Board of Directors (including the 10MM Binge Breakers Board for overeaters); as well as high quality individual support.

You’ve read No More Mr. Nice Guy and it hit you like a ton of bricks! Now what? If you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck, you're not alone! Dr. Glover's book can be a massive paradigm shift for Nice Guys like us. Want help getting unstuck and moving forward? Get The Nice Guy Survival Guide.

Over the past 7 years, Mike Havok has worked to create a unique method for overcoming his lifelong battle with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. As a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) **the gold standard for coaching** he’s made it his mission to help men take back control of their lives. Visit his website to setup your free 30-minute consultation. It's time to face your fear head on!