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NMMNG Certified Coach Offerings

Ted Riter and his wife, Leslie Bauer, are kicking off The Art of Intentional Relationships next week! This program is for Nice Guys and the women who love them. Drawing from his lineage of Tantra, Embodiment, Judaism and plant medicine, Ted Is known for his trustable, playful, and heart-centered approach to personal growth. More information is found here

Sidharth has just published the perfect companion journal to No More Mr. Nice Guy. The Nice Guy’s Journal is divided into 52 weeks; each week asks you to reflect on a carefully crafted Deep Dive question, and has weekly sections to plan and track your self-soothing, MVPs, Bucket List and gratitude. Get it on Amazon.

Tony Endelman invites you to watch his free workshop: How to Overcome Nice Guy Syndrome without Anxiety, Guilt, or Overwhelm. Tony is a master certified life coach and is certified in the Psychology of Happiness. He is also the founder of The Integrated Man Cave and Integrated Man University, and the author of THE BIG STICK: Collected & Applied Wisdom from the Teachings of Dr. Robert Glover. Check out his free workshop here.

Coach Alex Moore’s clients are making huge wins in life with their 1-on-1 coaching.  They are making more money, improving relationships with their partners, getting more dates, and having a ton of more connected sex. Are you the next one to up-level your life? He’s now taking new clients for February and March. Book a free 30-minute connection call.

Coach Jay Scott has two openings for his Abandonment Attachment Recovery course in February.  If your wife is pulling away or holding back sex, you are anxious in relationships, you are always wondering when she will leave, or you have difficulty trusting your partner and seeking constant reassurance, making you appear needy, then this course is for you.  Find out more with an initial no-cost consultation for private 1:1 coaching.

NMMNG coach, Marcum Davis, has an agreement with Barnes & Noble if he can get 300-pre-orders of LEGACY by mid-February, they will assure that physical copies are in every store nationwide! Order a copy and let’s make sure this book is available everywhere when it’s released! It’s only $18.95. Pre-order now.

Unleash Your Potential: Exclusive Spots Open in our New NMMNG Transformational Coaching Program! Schedule your Discovery Call to secure your spot today.
Join Christopher K. Wallace, author of SIPPING FEAR PISSING CONFIDENCE: For Men, Solving the Riddle of Your Addictions, and thousands of men in the highest member-rated full service online FB group for daily Advisor to Men™ insight; Q & A + member chat; free ATM zoom call; weekly ATM NEWS; Shame, Anxiety & Defender integration courses; FREE Sleep Cure course; 10M Men's Board (including overeaters’ Binge Breakers); and high quality individual support.
Make 2024 The Best Year Of Your Dating Life: Supercharge your ability to attract and keep women you’ve always wanted and become a charismatic gentleman in the process without fu&cking it up again, wasting time on dating apps or ever settling for unappreciative women.  Book your FREE call now.
Andrew Mundy has created a private community on Facebook for Nice Guys. Members continually say this is the best men’s group on Facebook that they’ve ever found. To join, click the link here.
Crush nice guy habits, attract satisfying relationships, get sex right and gain instant attraction through ex-Playboy executive Coach Robert's proven "seductive masculinity" training. 1-on-1 personal attention customized to your needs. Visit his website, get the E-book, or email him.
Dr. Michael Pariser, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy: the Hero’s Journey, is forming a new, exclusive Hero’s Journey Group, focusing on overcoming Nice Guy issues and developing emotional strength, authenticity, and assertiveness. Take the trip to Integration City!
Michael MJ is supporting recovering nice guys to re-stablish the contact to themselves through embodiment practices. He is Based in Copenhagen, but he is also available for online sessions. Visit his website.