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 NMMNG Coaches and Therapists

The following therapists and coaches have completed extensive training and certification with Dr. Robert Glover. They are Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coaches and Therapists.

Each coach and therapist offers their own unique approach to helping men break free from the Nice Guy Syndrome and become Integrated Men. These professionals are highly trained and are licensed or certified in their unique field.

While Dr. Glover verifies that the coaches and therapists on the list below are qualified professionals and have completed NMMNG Certification, Dr. Glover cannot take responsibility for nor is he liable for the individual actions or practices of these professionals. If for any reason, you have concern about the professional ability or actions of any of these professionals, please contact Dr. Glover.

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Austin, TX, USA

Boston, MA, USA

Bristol & London UK

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dallas, TX, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hamburg, Deutschland / Germany

Hudson Valley, NY, USA

Katowice, Poland

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Medellín, Colombia

Metro-Detroit, MI, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Milano, Italy

Montgomery, NY, USA

New Orleans, LA, USA

New York, NY, USA

Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Oxford and London, United Kingdom

Phoenix, AZ, USA / Virtual

Portland, OR, USA / Global via Virtual

Portland, OR, USA

Portland, OR, USA / Global via Virtual

Prague (Czech Republic) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Pune, India

San Diego, CA, USA / Online Coaching

San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA

Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle, WA, USA / Virtual

Silicon Valley and San Francisco Peninsula, CA, USA

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada / Online Coaching

Torrance, CA, USA

Sydney, AU / Virtual

Trondheim, Norway

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Ventura, CA, USA

Wilmington, NC, USA

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NMMNG Certified Therapists

Michael Ballard, PhD
Denver, CO, USA
(303) 736-9189

Michael BallardDr. Michael Ballard is a licensed psychologist who has worked for over fifteen years with men, teenage boys, couples, and families. His areas of specialty include anger management, anxiety and depression, substance use, and relationship problems. He is a recovering nice guy who understands what it is like to struggle with Nice Guy tendencies, and knows how to learn from these struggles and build a life of strength, healthy relationships, and conscious living. Patients appreciate Michael's direct style, creative interventions, and use of humor in their sessions. He works collaboratively with patients to create goals that are specific to your life and your needs, and then works at meeting those goals with support and accountability.

Chuck Chapman M.A., L.P.C.

Portland, OR, USA / Virtual
(503) 451-3232
Email Chuck Chapman


Chuck ChapmanChuck is one of those men whose personal path and career passions are one and the same.  Chuck is committed to his own personal growth and evolutions as a man, and brings that same energy and focus into his work with recovering Nice Guys. If you’re looking for a mentor, coach, teach or therapist who walks his talk, Chuck may just be the person you’ve been seeking.  

Chuck is licensed by the state of Oregon as a Professional Counselor, holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, yet he's most proud of being a Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach and Therapist.  Because of his own recovery, Chuck is ardent about helping Nice Guys transform into Good Men. Chuck provides individual and group coaching both online and in person. Find out more by visiting his website

Ken Curry,  MA LMFT

Denver, CO, USA

(720) 593-0728

Email Ken Curry


curry-ken-smallKen Curry is a father, husband, mentor, friend and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). His specialty is manhood, masculinity and relationships. He is a recovering Nice Guy who is continually exploring new avenues of strength, vitality and purpose.


Ken works from the premise that masculinity is good and that each man brings significance into our world and that men have been designed to move with freedom, presence and strength. Along with individual and relationship counseling, Ken provides ongoing groups for men to overcome Nice Guy Syndrome and to build personal integrity in order to influence the world with intent and passion. Ask him about other possibilities as well, for instance, he is developing an online community for men for support, education and personal growth.

For group information: Email Ken Curry

Ted Helm, LICSW

Boston, MA, USA

Email Ted Helm


ted help 2 1 1 1Ted Helm has been practicing psychotherapy since 1999, including as the director of an intensive group therapy program. He has been involved in the NMMNG recovery community since 2000. In addition to working with recovering Nice Guys, Ted works with adults on a wide range of problems and teaches cooking as a chef-instructor.

Michael J. Lamerato MS, LLP

Metro-Detroit, Michigan
(586) 219-9332

Email Michael J. Lamerato


MichaelLamerato Michael is passionate about meetings guys where they are at and working towards getting the most out of life together. Having been able to work through his own nice-guy habits, hopes to connect with other men who feel that there may be more out there waiting from them. He currently works in a private practice setting in the center of Metro-Detroit and welcoming new clients. He will also be starting two "No More Nice Guy!" Groups in the near future to help serve the men of the motor-city. He aspires to help men empower and arm themselves with insight, enjoyment, and passion to a earn great life in career, finance, relationship, and most importantly, for themselves! Please feel free to reach out for a free 15-minute consult so he can best help you get connected. 

Jeremy Mast, MS, MDiv, LMFT, CSAT
Ventura, CA, USA / Virtual
(805) 256-3497
Email Jeremy Mast

Jeremy webStruggling with Nice Guy syndrome means that you keep a lot bottled up inside, so much so that maybe you've escaped with alcohol, porn, or some other substance or sexual behavior. You're not proud of your addictive behavior, but truth be told, it's tough to imagine life without it. Still, you're tired of how hard it is to look at yourself in the mirror.

As a Nice Guy dealing with an addictive behavior, it's all too easy to be hard on yourself. You keep telling yourself that you're going to cut back or stop, or that she'd be devastated if she found out, but you keep doing it anyway without knowing why. You beat yourself up constantly, making resolutions to cut back or quit that you blow past every time. You keep thinking:

"Why can't I stop doing what I hate so much?"
"I'm terrified. If my partner knew, our relationship would be over."
"I feel as though I need to do it in the moment, but afterward I always regret it."
"When is it my turn? When will I be happy?"

To really change, you need to work through the tough stuff of your Nice Guy syndrome—the root of your addictive behavior. But to do this successfully, you need to deal with the addiction first. I help by teaching you simple but effective strategies to end with your addiction's power over you and empower you to live a more purposeful, meaningful life.

You can live in integrity, feel good about yourself, and cultivate the love you've wanted in your relationships. Contact me today to get started with by emailing me at

Join the "No More Addicted Nice Guy Collective" on Facebook for help with Nice Guy syndrome and addictions.

Jeremy is a licensed marriage and family therapist (CALMFT 90961), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy therapist with specialized training in substance abuse recovery. He helps men everyday break free from unwanted, out-of-control sexual behaviors and substance misuse, change longstanding patterns of unhealthy living, and live their best lives.  

Michael Samsel

Seattle, WA, USA

(206) 931-8355

Email Michael Samsel


Micahel SamselMichael has been practicing therapy since 2005. In his work with men, he seeks to help clients find a strong sense of self and a feeling of mastery. Through cognitive, experiential, and bodywork approaches, Michael works to increase a client's freedom of action, which arises from increasing freedom of feeling, freedom of movement, and freedom of self-expression.

Daniel Schidlowsky

New York, NY
(917) 563-4430

Email Daniel Schidlowsky


daniel web Daniel is a licensed clinical social worker based in New York City.  Reading No More Mr. Nice Guy in 2003 was a revelation to him and has continued to be 'go to' for him, both personally and in his work. He believes in the power of embracing honesty (with self and others), presence, challenge, play, and forgiveness (again, of self and others). It is a gift for him to witness men come out from hiding to live exciting, meaningful, and authentic lives.  His practice is strongly informed by his background in mindfulness meditation, including have attended 5 week-long silent meditation retreats.   Daniel feels blessed to have the opportunity to help men move from a place of fear and shame towards authenticity

While he is based in New York City, Daniel is able to provide teletherapy to those outside NYC via various video platforms. 

Steven Sutton, LCSW

Men’s groups based in Portland, Seattle, and online
Couples and individual work 

(503) 473-6725

Email Steven Sutton


Steven web newSteve is an experienced therapist and coach who specializes in working with recovering Nice Guys. Steve offers professionally facilitated men’s groups in Portland, Seattle, and online for men located anywhere in the world. He also works with both individuals and couples in person, online, or over the phone.

For group information: Email Steven Sutton

NMMNG Life Coaches:

Chris Aguilar

Torrance, CA, USA

(310) 427-7805
Email Chris Aguilar


Chris AguilarI have been really fortunate to live a very colorful journey. I spent 10 years in technology consulting working as a COO for a firm in Los Angeles. From there I went on to follow my passion of filmmaking and won several awards for my work as a documentary film maker. When I found Dr. Glover's book my own mediocrity in other areas of my life suddenly made sense. The divorce, string of difficult relationships, a seeming inability to move forward. The depression and anxiety. Through the work in No More Mr. Nice Guy and the support of a group of men I trust, I have found some of my true callings, and part of that is coaching and working with other Nice Guys. Many of my clients are creatives who are "stuck" but I also work with individuals around recovery and addiction. I am also an athletic trainer and truly believe in combining the mind/body connection to recovery. I offer in office and remote coaching.

Sidharth Agarwal

Pune, India

Email Sidharth Agarwal


Sidharth-webSidharth is a group facilitator, life coach, and a yoga trainer. He is also an executive coach to several CEOs and senior leaders in the non-profit sector around the globe. He has been a lifelong educator with a passion for leadership and learning. He also leads contemplative leadership journeys to the Everest Basecamp in Nepal. He is an avid meditator and has attended and served several 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreats over the last decade. He brings a unique combination of modalities to his coaching and group work and these include Non Violent Communication, Mindfulness, Radical Honesty, Conscious Leadership and Co-active Coaching. Get in touch with him for one-on-one coaching and online group work. He lives in Pune, India.

Antoine Ata Amiri

Silicon Valley and San Francisco Peninsula, CA, USA

(510) 206-0225

Email Antoine Ata Amiri


amiri-ata-smallAfter a successful tech career in Silicon Valley, Ata followed his dreams of working with others as a coach and mentor. In addition to topics covering MNG, his work evolves around invitation to our essential selves, into our courageous hearts, and into integrity with ourselves as a platform for healthier relationships. Currently he facilitates several ongoing weekly men's support groups in the SF Bay Area, in addition to his executive coaching and team building business. He is a recovering Mr. Nice Guy, with a deep commitment to helping men become integrated and emotionally healthy human beings. He creates a safe and confidential container whereby men share their lives authentically with other men, get to know and work with emotions, and experience non-judgmental and non-competitive masculine support.

Ata utilizes years of training and practice in mindfulness-based psychotherapy, the Enneagram of personality assessment, Non-violent Communication, and CoActive coaching skills, while working with individuals who seek 1:1 coaching.

For group information: Email Ata Amiri

Rowan Andrews
Oxford and London, United Kingdom
+44 (0)7801 670 715
Email Rowan Andrews

Rowan AndrewsRowan has been working as a business coach in London for over a decade. Being trained in various teachings in personal and spiritual development, he coaches business leaders to transcend limited beliefs and step into their greatness, allowing their businesses and lives to thrive and flourish.

As a recovering Nice Guy, Rowan has managed to go from near bankruptcy to running a thriving coaching and consulting business by working through and overcoming many of his own Nice Guy tendencies. As a result, not only has his business flourished but he shares more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with his children and family and friends and a far deeper intimacy with his partner.

Because of his desire to help Nice Guys undo their limiting conditioning and come into their native masculine power, Rowan is working to build a community and offer workshops and seminars as well as one to one sessions to support recovering Nice Guys in the UK, to help men who long to serve their loved ones and the world from their balls and from their heart, rather than from their Nice Guy.

Rowan is known to compassionately and relentlessly get to the heart of the matter in his coaching and training. In his workshops and one to one sessions Rowan supports men to identify their Nice Guy patterns and transform them; embody leadership, create financial abundance, attract a lover or lovers, create and sustain a loving, intimate relationship with their chosen partner, discover and enjoy their native sexuality and cultivate presence as an art of love.

For group information go to:

Fidel Beauhill
The Modern Man Coach
Bristol & London UK
Email Fidel Beauhill

Fidel BeauhillFidel Beauhill, The Modern Man Coach, is a life and relationship coach.  He specialises in helping men empower themselves by understanding their masculine energy and embracing it in a positive way.

He specialises in working with men who have been through divorce, breakups, and mid-life crisis.

An NLP Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Timeline Practitioner, Fidel has years of experience working with both men to find true self confidence and present their best selves to the world.

A competitive boxer and a qualified fitness trainer, health and fitness are particularly important for Fidel, personally and also for his clients.

A father of three daughters, a happily divorced man, and recovering Nice Guy, Fidel walks his walk. He has run several highly successful businesses and lost several of them too.

He has pulled himself through and now lives life on his terms.

Fidel is passionate about helping you find true happiness and success by learning to love and understand yourself first. 

Wilmington, NC, USA
(910) 620-9766
Charles Browne-webCharles Browne is a Certified Peak Performance Coach & Recovering Over-Thinker. He's also a Senior Nuclear Reactor Operator, Project Management Professional, Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt, submarine warfare veteran, open water rescue swimmer, adventurer, obstacle course enthusiast, lifelong martial artist, and serial entrepreneur. As a NMMNG coach, Charlie dedicates himself to working with the hopelessly lost and frustrated, believing Everyone Has Value and deserves a life of complete authenticity & fulfillment.
Charlie’s formal coaching began at age 14 when he started teaching his hometown and State Police officers in hand-to-hand combat and suspect restraint. During his Navy career he was required to teach technical Nuclear Systems & Submarine Operations as well as Human Performance Error Reduction techniques - sparking his interest in Self-Improvement and the pursuit of peak performance management.
Charlie has been recognized as a top performer by three separate Fortune-100 companies, spurring the success of his professional Consulting firm. His Nice Guy Coaching style focuses on helping clients discover their identity, purpose and authenticity modeled after his years of personal discovery and professional coaching work.
Charlie currently lives in Wilmington, NC where he fully enjoys the sights, sounds and tastes of the authentic East Coast beach town experience while raising his two children in cooperation with his ex-wife.

Thomas Buch-Andersen
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 41619030
Email Thomas Buch-Andersen

Thomas Buch Web-652After more than ten years of self-development, his own self-work really took off after reading Robert's Nice Guy-book. Discovering his own Nice Guy-traits and challenges fundamentally changed Thomas' approach to self-improvement directing focus towards Nice Guy-recovery.  

Thomas' mission is to support men implementing proven methods to change their lives. In men's work, there are no quick fixes and no short cuts. It takes a continuing effort to recover and becoming an integrated male.

Thomas works holistically and believes an integrated male eats healthily, works out, regularly challenges himself, works on his mindset and engages himself with others and the community. He believes that

Thomas works out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and runs men's groups, retreats, workshop and one-on-one coaching for men. He also instruct meditation and teaches work-out yoga for men and women.

His services includes:

  • Personal leadership
  • Purpose clarification
  • Healthy practices
  • Relationship development
  • Career development
  • Mentoring
  • Yoga / workout
  • Meditation
Thomas is a certified leadership coach, NLP master coach practitioner, yoga instructor and Rite-of-Passage facilitator. He has over 20 years of experience as journalist and leader in the media industry. Thomas is 49, married and father of three.

León Chiprout
Mexico City, Mexico

+52 (55) 46344489
Email León Chiprout

leon 140x140After having a very successful career as a director of photography León decided to devote his life to offer what he’s been practicing on himself for the last twenty years on the personal development arena.

León is a Zen Buddhist that have been trained by few of the most influential Zen teachers of the modern times like Jeff Shore in Kyoto and Norman Fisher.

Leon is a certified “No More Mr. Nice guy” coach, and a Human givens approach therapist.

His approach for the “No more more nice guy" groups includes Zen meditation practice, breathwork and some of the human givens psychotherapy techniques as needed for anxiety and depression management.

León is strong believer that the only way to develop as a human being is to approach the different areas of the human complex (mind, body, spirit) from different angles at the same time all the time. As his Zen teacher Jeff Shore states: for the big disease of the mind we need a strong medicine, psychotherapy eases a bad dream Zen erases that dream.

He has a firm conviction that pop spirituality and pop personal development techniques in the majority of cases can exacerbate the delusive tendencies of the mind and strenthen the self-identification with our limiting belief’s and preconceived false ideas. That’s why the concept of “working on all the dimensions of the human being at the same time all the time” is essential to his practice.

Mark Edward Davis
Integrated Man Therapist
7495 W. Azure Dr., #110
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 659-9000
Email Mark Edward
Mark Edward Davis Web“I’ve dedicated my life to helping, educating, and supporting men to become their best since hosting my first men’s group at age 25. My life purpose is to bring men’s hearts to life and inspire greatness in others”, says Davis.  

In 2014 he was named Dating Coach of the Year and Matchmaker of the Year finalist by the iDate Conference.  He’s a licensed Christian Counselor and He’s helped over 300 become married with only 2 divorced in the past decade.  He’s been hosting a weekly talk show for men since March of 2011; covering topics like confidence, entrepreneurship, relationships, and more.

He’s also been through a lot in life himself; experiencing the loss of a spouse and financial bankruptcy.  He has had to overcome ‘nice guy’ tendencies in order to find his own voice in the world and can relate to the struggles of men today.  Set up a free consultation to see if it makes sense to work together: Click Here

Tony Endelman

New Orleans, LA, USA

(402) 215-7047

Email Tony Endelman 


Tony endelman - webTony Endelman is an author, entrepreneur, humorist, music nut, popular self-help blogger, heartbreak recovery expert, certified transformational life coach and certified NMMNG Coach. Tony’s website is consistently named one of the Top 100 Self-Development Blogs. His no-bullshit brand of self-help has been featured on The Huffington Post, YAHOO!, Thrive Global, Lifehack, Mindvalley, Thought Catalog, The Good Men Project, and other places.

Tony is the founder of The Integrated Man Cave, a website and online community for men who wish to improve all aspects of their lives. You can visit The Integrated Man Cave at

Tony is formally trained in Strategic Intervention, which pulls from a variety of disciplines including: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, human needs psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence and strategic studies. The term “Strategic Intervention” was coined by Tony Robbins to describe his highly effective change work.

Tony has overcome extreme anxiety, debilitating depression, and a severe case of Nice Guy Syndrome to create the life he has always wanted. He can help you do the same.

Since becoming a certified NMMNG coach, Tony has worked with hundreds of Nice Guys in both one-on-one and group settings. He is passionately dedicated to helping men reach their full potential and start getting what they want in love and in life.

Tony was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, but currently lives in New Orleans, which he considers to be the greatest city in the world. Visit Tony's website to learn more and schedule a free introductory conversation.

André Fagerheim
Trondheim, Norway
+479 021-7537

Email André Fagerheim


 Andre web André has been in the self development field for 5 years and has a deep desire to support men to step into the core of their masculinity. With his unique story and through the teachings from several schools of personal and spiritual development, he has found a deep calling in helping nice guys recover.

With his calm, present and strong persona, André will support his clients to step into authenticity and integrity. André specialises in male sexual health and thus becoming the best sexual version of your self, maintaining and growing your intimate relationships and finding your deepest most authentical purpose.  

Matthias Heubach

Hamburg, Deutschland / Germany, Europa / Europe

Sprachen / Languages: Deutsch & Englisch

Email Matthias Heubach


Matthias HeubachDeutsch/German (english below):

Matthias ist LifeCoach, Gruppen Leiter, Vater, Gründer und Geschäftsführer mehrerer Firmen und ein Ex-Nice-Guy. Seit 2014 arbeitet er stetig an sich und bringt all sein Wissen aus dem Geschäfts-, Dating-, Ehe-, und des Vater-Lebens in die Arbeit mit Ex-Nice-Guys ein. Er ist seit 2017 zertifizierter NMMNG Coach und kombiniert dieses Wissen mit den Erkenntnissen aus NLP, Survivaltrainings, Feuerläufen (seit 2016 FireWalkInstructor) und Eiswanderungen. Als Herausforderung empfiehlt er Ex-Nice-Guys: KravMaga und Poker, weil bei diesen beiden Aktivitäten alle Nice Guy Probleme angegangen werden. In seiner monatlichen Männergruppe hilft er Männern ihre Ziele und Wünsche zu erreichen und mit sich und Frauen im Alltag besser klar zu kommen. Matthias bietet sowohl Einzel- und Gruppen-Coachings an, als auch Fern-Coachings via Skype oder Google Hangouts in Deutsch und Englisch.



Matthias is a life coach, group facilitator, father, founder and active CEO of several companies and a recovering Nice Guy. Since 2014 he works on his self and helps recovering nice guys with the knowledge out of being in business, dating, marriage and a father. 2017 he was certified as NMMNG Coach and combines these framework with the experiences out of NLP, Survival trainings, Fire Walks (Instructor since 2016) and ice hikes. As a challenge for recovering nice guys he recommends: KravMaga and Poker, because you have to deal with almost all nice guy trades in these activities. He founded the first NMMNG Support group in Germany and helps since 2015 monthly men to get their goals and needs met with women and in life. Matthias offers One On One- and Group-Coaching as well as Long Distance-consultations via Skype or Google Hangouts in German and English.

Greg Jarmiolowski

San Francisco, CA, USA

Email Greg Jarmiolowski


JarmiolowskiGreg comes to us from the Martha Beck Institute for life coaching. A former social worker turned IT pro, Greg started his Nice Guy recovery during his divorce in 2012. Along this path he found Martha Beck and rekindled his passion for service and personal development.


In addition to what he has learned as a certified NMMNG life coach, Greg utilizes tools from Martha Beck which includes The Work of Byron Katie. He also pulls from the Contextual Behavioral disciplines, most notably Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy.


Greg works with all sorts of clients but technology workers in particular find that he speaks their language.

Robert Johnson
Hudson Valley, NY
Email Robert Johnson

Johnson-webFormer Playboy executive, Certified NMMNG Coach/Therapist and Certified Clinical Sexologist, Robert helps 21st century men shed their "nice guy" skin and evolve into “men-again” by embracing the best parts of traditional grounded masculinity while recognizing traits that include vulnerability, patience and empathy. He offers proven empowerment, sexuality and relationship solutions to clients having studied with Dr. Glover and other masters of the men’s movement. Using the world as his lab, Robert also brings decades of personal experience to clients who have witnessed remarkable transformations in every aspect of their lives.

Hudson Valley, NY group forming. Contact Robert for details.

Seth Jones
Portland, Oregon
Email Seth Jones

Seth-JonesSeth’s recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome has transformed his life. You can read his story at his website COUCHINGDUDES.COM. He has worked in education for the past twenty years and supporting men in their recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome as well as addictions and other compulsive behaviors, is central to his mission in life.

Fabio Lisca

Milano, Italy

Email Fabio Lisca


Fabio LiscaFabio Lisca is a Life, Executive and Team Coach, Certified at the International Coach Federation. His experience as a coach started in 2004 where he followed newly promoted managers to enhance the skills required by higher positions of responsibility. He held managerial positions in several companies and worked as a consultant for medium-sized and multinational companies, providing human asset management services in three main areas: organizational development, organizational design and change management. Fabio dedicated his life to self-improvement and self-discovery through group psychotherapy, Center for Creative Leadership Program, Hofmann Process and now he is committed to supporting other in the process of discovering an authentic self. In 2016 he became a Certified “No More Mr. Nice Guy” coach and offer group  and individual coaching focusing on recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome based on Dr. Robert Glover’s work and teachings.

Tim MacDonald
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Email Tim

TimMacDonaldTim's crusade of the masculine accelerated after receiving a tantric bodywork session in The Netherlands in 2015 while abroad working as an Oil and Gas expat. The emotional release and spiritual realization was so profound he immediately joined The New Tantra school attending The Hardcore Men's retreat, and receiving certification for tantric bodywork. "This practice has cracked me wide open putting me face to face with my fears, limiting beliefs, and taught me how to love myself. It has reinvigorated my marriage and relationships with my children. I continue to find purpose in supporting others through masculine practise, sexual coaching, and bodywork.”.

As a football player growing up he felt a missing link in his personal development, it has been through deep tantric practice and NMMNG teachings that he has truly been able to step into his power and create a new form of comradery in his life and provides these transforming imprints within the brotherhood.

Tim believes men are in their deepest truth when following their life's purpose; this state of flow allows us to stand in our strong masculine presence.
Tim provides support through ongoing NMMNG groups, 1 on 1 coaching (Skype available), High Test. Men's Retreats, and physical bodywork release.

Dave McDermott

Sydney, AU / Online Coaching

Email Dave McDermott

Dave-webDave is passionate about helping men with Nice Guy tendencies to become more assertive and empowered in their personal and professional lives. Dave struggled for a long time in his relationships with women after growing up in a spiritual institution with a lot of repression. In his past he was the typical Nice Guy for a long time. Dave knows what it is like to feel inadequate and disempowered in his romantic life and has done a lot of inner and outer work to step into his power personally and professionally. He now runs a coaching practice as a certified Business and Life Coach, based in Sydney, Australia.

Dave is married to a magnificent woman and they are raising a beautiful boy together. He knows there is no end to the journey of personal growth and remains an eternal student of life. Dave has 16 years of coaching experience, and 10 years experience working in a range of service roles specifically with men and teenage boys. Dave is particularly happy to be a certified No More Mr Nice Guy Coach and works with a limited number of private clients who want to sort out their Nice Guy tendencies.

His coaching program is a one year program of weekly 60 minute sessions via Zoom, with weekly homework tasks and accountability. Dave coaches men who are ready to make a significant investment in their own personal growth. The fee for a coaching journey with Dave is AUD$26k. If you’d like to explore whether his coaching is a good fit for what you’re looking for, get in touch with Dave at the contact details above to set up a time for a free 45 minute discovery call.

Jason Miller

San Diego, CA, USA / Online Coaching

(619) 929-0567

Email Jason Miller

Jason MillerWe’ve always had a hard time with uncertainty. But current events challenge us to navigate into the biggest storm we’ve ever seen.

We’re not strangers to living with anxiety. And now we are experiencing anxiety on an existential level. Planetwide.

This is our Call to Adventure.

Every hero’s journey begins with the Call to Adventure immediately followed by the Refusal of the Call.

You’ll either give up on your journey altogether. Or you’ll grow into your next stage of development and reach success.

Remember when Luke Skywalker felt guilty about leaving his aunt and uncle to go to Alderaan? That refusal didn’t last very long once tragedy struck, did it?

How long will you keep refusing the call?

I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life leading nice guys on their hero’s journey to become integrated men.

I bring nice guys together so that we can

  • Feel confident
  • Create better relationships
  • Achieve success
  • Find meaning in our lives

Join us (It’s free!) at and you’ll learn to

  • Generate certainty in an uncertain world
  • Develop inner confidence
  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Live according to our values with integrity
  • Have a positive impact on the world

In every crisis there is opportunity. You can either stay stuck or give this a try. In my mind, staying stuck is not an option. There’s too much at stake. Your life. And so many others.

Let’s meet this moment together!

Join us at! It's free.

Wade Morris
Medellín, Colombia/Virtual
Email Wade

WadeMorris-WebWade is a certified NMMNG coach and graduate of Performance Coach University. He earned his Master’s in Applied Psychology and has held numerous research, teaching, and guest lecturing appointments over a 9 year career including as a professor in Psychology and Human Performance at the MacDill Air Force Base and Saint Leo University.

In addition, Wade has been working with men in both clinical and coaching settings since 2009. Early in his career, Wade coached and consulted with collegiate and professional athletes as well as military officers and special forces units. He noticed that the most cohesive groups and teams thrived because each man was driven by a sense of personal accountability and extreme ownership of the group’s performance. Essentially the groups became a foundation for these men to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Throughout his professional work, Wade noticed a pattern in men experiencing Nice Guy Syndrome. He further realized that those men began taking charge of their lives far faster when they developed core principles and habits in conjunction with the structure of a men’s community. In 2018, he established Well Made Man, a community of recovering nice guys founded on the principle that well-rounded men were made through decisive action, personal responsibility, and the cultivation of reciprocal relationships rather than just wishful thinking, kind gestures, and getting others’ needs met.

Wade is based in Medellin, Colombia, but  his clients are located all over North America. He provides groups and one-on-one coaching via various video platforms.

Andrew Mundy
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada / Online Coaching
Email Andrew Mundy

Andrew Mundy WebHi, my name is Andrew Mundy. I’m a former Correctional Officer that had struggled to overcome my Nice Guy tendencies for years. My wife was the leader of our family and made the decisions for us. I had little satisfaction in my career and didn’t have the confidence to make a switch to something different. There was zero direction in my life. I spent a lot of my days medicating myself with video games and pornography.

It all changed with the birth of my first son. It was the realization that the average life I was living would not be an example for him to follow in his own life.

That year I discovered “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert Glover and it changed my life. The knowledge of the book was profound, but it was my ability to take action that made all the difference. It pushed me to be a better leader of my family, change careers and feel more authentic moving forward.

All of that led me to become a men's coach with a unique perspective on how to create change both for myself and others. While I could give you a roadmap to follow, that can only get you so far based on your own lifestyle. I'm much more excited to support you in creating your own unique path. Masterful coaching is a combination of exploring the being of a person and combining that with actions to move them forward. It's a unique approach to coaching and one that can generate a high degree of success.

If you are a Nice Guy who is finally ready to create the life you want and you don't want to change the core being of who you are...

Connect with me and let’s explore what we can co-create in your life together.

The first way you can connect with me is by joining the No More Mr. Nice Guy Community. It’s a high-level community of men who want to support one another, rather than going at this work alone. You’ll get access to live training, guest interviews, group coaching calls and much more. Get off the sidelines and come join us in the community today!

The second way you can connect with me is by checking out my website: You’ll find more information on my private coaching experience, you can get access to my newsletter and much more! Get access here!

Philip Mutrie
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Email Philip Mutrie

140x140-Dr-Glover-Site-v1Want to recover from the Nice Guy Syndrome?

Philip is a best-selling author, online business successor, coach, and consultant, and runs prestigious NMMNG certified life, relationship, and sex coach – therapist groups, boot-camps, and workshops accessible from all over the world and you’re just one click away to being a recovering Nice Guy TODAY!

As a recovering Nice Guy, Philip has gone through two massively abusive, spouse related marriages and divorces in his lifetime and has managed to go from near bankruptcy in 2007 to being a well sought and successful online business training coach and consultant, known to his clients as The Mystical Traffic God who specializes in helping business owners, online advertisers, and affiliates use paid online traffic to get a 3 to 1 or more return on investment without wasting time and spending time on more important things in the process.

Over the last 13 years, Philip has driven 100% commitment to attend and has spent thousands of dollars in workshops, trainings, and boot-camps to overcome and regain social skills to feel confident and comfortable in every situation, overcome fears, doubts, social anxiety, and insecurities, and has mastered the art of dating, conversation, and communication skills that eliminate nervousness and anxiety to making flawless first impressions and relationships that last a lifetime.

Because of his driven commitment and desire to help Nice Guys overcome and conquer deep fears of rejection, self-doubt, social anxiety, insecurities, approval seeking, toxic shame, lack of sexual confidence, and much more while mastering the art of dating, social skills, masculine power, and confidence that naturally attract quality people that deepen your relationships in the process, Philip is dedicated to build a community to offer boot-camps, workshops, seminars, and freebased trainings accompanied by offering one on one sessions to support recovering Nice Guys in his community, Canada, and internationally.

To Nice Guys, Philip is now transforming into one of the best world-class sex, life, and relationship coaches where you too can gain the confidence in your dating, relationships, social, professional, and personal life while mastering the art of masculine power in the process starting today.

For more information and contact visit:

Wilson R. Ortiz
Montgomery, NY, USA
Email Wilson R. Ortiz

Wilson OrtizWilson is the owner of Esteem, a business consultancy offering NMMNG, Executive and Team Coaching. He is a recovering Nice Guy who is committed to helping men find their true calling and help others with Nice Guy syndrome.

Wilson lives in New York, is a father, husband, mentor, and businessman. His specialty is manhood, masculinity, and authenticity. As a war veteran he is committed to helping others realize and develop their strength, enjoyment of life and passion.


Jim Parker

Austin, TX, USA

Email Jim Parker


Jim-Parker-smallJim Parker is a group facilitator, Master Certified Coach and author. He brings 18 years of coaching experience in supporting people in transformation, career change, and business success. He is a member of International Coach Federation and the Austin ICF chapter.

Jim has been on a journey of transformation since 1988. His journey included a 5 year spiritual sabbatical, 12 step programs, individual and group therapy and trips to Oneness University in India in 2012 and 2013. Offering NMMNG groups allows Jim to be a support for other men as they continue their journey to transformation.

For group information: Email Jim Parker

Hajee Pepping
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Email Hajee Pepping

HAJEEHajee is a man with different roles: father, brother, son, partner, colleague and friend. His quest for himself knew many intermediate stations: making music, addictions, zen-meditation, vipassana, tantra and NMMNG recovery. Hajee is a certified teacher at The New Tantra where he is responsible for the men workshop and he offers anger-work sessions. He considers a healthy relationship with anger as an important condition for the NMMNG recovery process. His life purpose is to support men in living their lives to their fullest potential. Since 2012 Hajee has evolved as a men's coach, anger coach and facilitator of men's groups. He already has extensive experience in facilitating groups and especially men's groups. With his strong presence, empathy and humor he creates a safe space to dive deeper into your needs as a man and explore what is holding you back.

Hajee facilitates NMMNG recovery groups in the Netherlands, both in Dutch and English. Recovery groups usually start in September and January. He also offers 1-on-1 coaching sessions (Skype is possible). Besides that he regularly organises weekend workshops for men.

Check out his site for more information:

Ted Riter

San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

Email Ted Riter


Ted RiterDoes this thought pattern describe you (or a man you know)?

** If I am a good guy, then everyone will love me and like me (and people I desire will desire me).
** If I meet other people’s needs without them having to ask, then they will meet my needs without me having to ask.
** If I do everything right, then I will have a smooth, problem-free life.

Dr. Robert Glover, in his book No More Mr. Nice Guy, identifies these thought patterns as “covert contracts” and notes: “Because most Nice Guys believe they have kept their side of the contract, they often feel helpless and resentful when other people (and the world) don’t keep their side of the contract.”

Ted Riter is trained and certified by Dr. Glover to teach “Nice Guys” how to break this lifelong pattern of unhealthy living and toxic relationships. If you’re ready for your breakthrough (or know a man who is), contact him for one-on-one training ( or join his new virtual group that begins in February.

For more information on the virtual group and to register click here

Paul Taillefer

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(780) 721-7015

Email Paul Taillefer


Paul Image ThumbPaul is a life coach, group facilitator, teacher, father and businessman. He brings his own personal experience of addiction recovery, self-help, growth and development from varied sources into his commitment to helping men truly become the integrated man that we all have deep inside of us. He was certified as a NMMNG Coach in 2013, and completed his personal & life Coaching certification in 2015. Paul is proud to be offering the first NMMNG Support group in Canada, supporting Men reach their personal goals in their lives.

For group information: Email Paul Taillefer

Marcin Wąsik Male Coach, Mentor
Katowice, Poland
Email Marcin Wąsik

MarcinMarcin has been a teacher of Buddhism and meditation for 10 years. He is a Coach ACSTH ICF and since the 2021 NMMNG Coach. For ten years he has been working on recovering from Nice Guy Syndrome using a wide variety of methods. He is the coauthor of the book "Fall in love with your mind". His goal in life is to support men in using their full potential.

He helps with:
  • Workocholism
  • Procrastination
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Father issue
  • Nice Guy Syndrome
  • Rating
  • Finding the meaning of life
  • Activating life potential
  • Rediscovering of masculinity
He is also a happy father, partner and businessman. He loves restoring old apartments.

Chris Wallace, BST, CH, advisor to men, mentor at large
Ottawa, Canada and worldwide on zoom
(416) 859-5565 or (855) 859-5565
Email Chris Wallace


Chris Wallace-webPower and Mental Fitness advisor gives you REAL support:
- Nice Guy Syndrome
- Cure ANY addiction in 90 days (drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, etc.)
- Relationships: marital, family of origin, in-laws
- Selection & Connection: the right woman
- Parenting and step-parenting
- Business blocks and staffing issues
- Divorce
- Procrastination
- Insomnia
- Anxiety
- Understanding parents
- Executive coaching
- Purpose and mission: the life you want
You are here because you need help rediscovering your power as a man. That’s my speciality. My story doesn’t matter, just know I led a faulted life for a long time which helps me understand others. I have a behavioural science background and hypnotism skills and counselling and a bunch of other stuff over 30+ years of helping people. Forget all that. What counts is the life-changing training I’m going to provide you so you take charge of your life.

Book a free call with me right here:

Read what people say about the advisor to men at:

Michael Zick
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Email Michael Zick

MichaelZickSince 2015, Michael has been helping guys recover from alcohol, drug, and behavioral addictions as part of the 12 Step community in Los Angeles. As a recovering Nice Guy, he knows what challenges face us regarding women, family, coworkers, bosses, and friends. Under Dr. Glover, Michael has learned what it takes to reconnect with masculinity, to challenge oneself and be bold, and has experienced the results firsthand. He runs No More Mr. Nice Guy groups and workshops, writes about recovery, and loves to speak.

He also specializes in relationships—working with guys and couples to understand attachment styles, build better partnerships, and enhance their sex lives.

You can learn more at

Ondrej Zoubek

Prague (Czech Republic) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Email Ondrej Zoubek


Ondrej webAs a coach and trainer in Ondrej Zoubek Coaching Institute, Ondrej has dedicated his life to empowering guys on their way through life. Delivering Personal Breakthrough Workshops across Europe and working individually, Ondrej focuses on enabling guys to overcome all their perceived boundaries so they can truly live the life they dream about.  Are you ready to redefine what is possible? Are you ready to finally tap into your highest potential? Drop me few lines into an email and begin the journey to transform your life.

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