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Discover how your mind lies to you, creates a false identity, keeps you isolated and living in fear, triggers shame and guilt, and prevents you from living the amazing life you desire.

Eight-Week Online Course
Led by Dr. Robert Glover
Class is open to men and women

NEW: All Lessons Are Presented in Video Format!

Registration Is Now Open
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Free: Recording of Live Ruminating Brain Webinar

Listen to a recording of a live webinar in which Dr. Glover answers questions about the Ruminating Brain. In addition to a brief introduction to the concept of the ruminating brain, he answers questions on all kinds of subjects related to living with a ruminating brain. He also shares some coping and management strategies from the eight-week course described below.

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The Ruminating Brain

What is a Ruminating Brain?

A ruminating brain is a washing machine that is constantly agitating in your head. It spins constantly, day and night. 24/7.
Typically, a ruminating brain causes a person’s mind to spin in many of the following ways (check any that apply to you):
Your Ruminating Brain Keeps Your Mind Spinning About the Past:

  • It rehashes perceived mistakes.
  • It agonizes over missed opportunities.
  • It replays failures and fuck-ups.
  • It dwells on regret about bad choices.
  • It collects and hangs on to perceived wounds and slights.
  • It revisits “what onlys” and “only ifs.”
  • It builds a case for, and constantly reminds you of, your defectiveness and inadequacy.
Your Ruminating Brain Keeps Your Mind Spinning About the Future:
  • It lives in fear of repeating your same mistakes.
  • It is dominated by worry, fear, and anxiety.
  • It convinces you it is gathering information to make significant decisions, but it’s really just spinning.
  • It keeps you stuck in the paralysis of analysis.
  • It convinces you that you can’t act until you’ve considered every possible outcome of every possible action.
  • It constantly rehearses possible conversations and potential scenarios.
  • It lives in the world of “what if” and can imagine every possible negative outcome of any action or situation.
  • It assumes there is a perfect way to do everything, and failure is not an option.
  • Even when things are going well, it’s anticipating the other shoe falling.
  • It assumes your future will mirror your past.
Your Ruminating Brain Keeps Your Mind Spinning About Your Perceived Inadequacies and Others’ Opinions of You:
  • It compares you to others in ways that make you feel inferior and inadequate (and occasionally grandiosely superior).
  • It measures you by its own arbitrary standards and unrealistic expectations.
  • It remembers every mistake but forgets most successes.
  • It obsesses over what people might think about you.
  • It expects perfection in everything you do (and assumes everyone else does, too).
  • It convinces you that you’re an imposter and fraud and that it’s only a matter of time before you’re found out.
  • It lives for others’ affirmation and approval but can’t believe or accept them when they come.
  • It is terrified of failing and looking foolish.
  • It lives in constant fear of rejection and abandonment.
The Madness

Obsessing about the past, living in the future, and comparing and measuring the self always results in a sense of worthlessness, failure, fear, and inadequacy. It paralyzes you and prevents you from acting boldly in your own best interest. It keeps you isolated and lonely. It makes you think you have to overcompensate and exceed people’s expectations in order to be loved and liked (and get laid). It blinds you to opportunity and the open doors that surround you. It keeps you living in deprivation rather than abundance.
The Good News
Your mind may convince you that you’re defective and unlovable – but it is wrong!

By practicing mindfulness and applying proven principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you can learn to slow your mind, observe it, challenge its assumptions, redirect it – even laugh at it – and turn your greatest critic into your staunchest ally.

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • How to be the detached observer, not the believer, of your thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions
  • How to slow and even stop the spinning
  • How to notice when your brain is spinning before it gets out of control
  • How to reframe your thoughts and memories more realistically and productively
  • How to redirect your thoughts
  • How to learn from, and harness the power of, your ruminating brain
  • How to sleep through the night without your mind keeping you awake
  • How to release old, toxic memories, emotions, and self-limiting beliefs
  • How to soothe your anxiety and take action even when you’re scared
  • How to let go of attachment to outcome
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others
  • How to stop measuring yourself by arbitrary standards
  • How to let go of perfectionism and accept failure as an important part of life
  • How to learn from your mistakes and see them as opportunities for personal growth
  • How to overcome the paralysis of analysis
  • How to realize that being imperfect allows people to get closer to you and be there for you
  • How to stop the “thinker”
  • How to separate the useless noise in your head from important information
  • How to accept and embrace yourself as an amazing human being
Turn Your Biggest Critic Into Your Staunchest Ally!


NEW: All Lessons Are Presented in Video Format!
  • Lesson One: Turn Your Biggest Critic Into Your Staunchest Ally
  • Lesson Two: Thanks Mom & Dad: How You Got Your Ruminating Brain
  • Lesson Three: Waking Up
  • Lesson Four: Releasing Toxic Shame
  • Lesson Five: Learning to Love Your Inner Critic
  • Lesson Six: Turn Your Bedroom into a Rumination-Free Zone
  • Lesson Seven: Separating The Lies In Your Head From The Truth
  • Lesson Eight: Letting People Love You

How the Class Works

All lessons are presented in a video format.

The lessons will present information to help you understand the subject and yourself. They will be geared toward helping you apply the information to your life in very practical and doable ways. Each will have a homework video to stimulate personal reflection and application of the information to your life.

Timing of the Lessons
  • A new lesson video will be posted every Monday.
  • The classes are not in real time.
  • You will be able to work at your own pace, reading the lessons and logging into the class forum to read and post at any time.
  • You will be able to participate anytime from anywhere.
Discussion Threads
The course will have three discussion threads to help you connect with, support, and learn from other class members:

  • Introduction Thread
  • General Discussion Thread
  • Success Stories

The class will have three or four No More Mr. Nice Guy certified coaches assisting me. They will check into the forums once a week or so and have a conversation with class members about course content.

Live Q&A Office Hours Calls
This course will feature two live, Q&A Office Hours calls with Dr. Glover. The calls will be held over Zoom and will last about 90 minutes. The dates and times will be posted on the class resource page. The Office Hours calls will be recorded and posted in the class library.
Class Library
This class will have a library where Dr. Glover will post resources related to the topic, including podcasts, videos, recorded interviews, book suggestions, and article links. This valuable library will help class members apply course information and put their intention into action.

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