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I make the statement in No More Mr. Nice Guy that I have yet to meet a Nice Guy who wasn’t messed up sexually in some way.

Issues about sex are frequently brought up in my online classes, therapy groups, workshops, and podcast requests. Most men want a lot of great sex, but Nice Guys typically struggle to clean out the baggage that gets in the way of them getting the kind and amount of sex they desire.

Nice Guys often struggle with:
  • Sexual shame
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive pleasing behavior
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Sexual avoidance
  • Sexual addiction
  • Lack of sexual knowledge
  • Feelings of sexual inadequacy
  • Sexual inexperience
  • Seeking validation through sex
  • Body distortion issues
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Addiction to pornography
  • Performance anxiety
  • Distorted beliefs about women and sex
  • Rage and resentment toward women
  • Fear of rejection
  • Difficulty getting and keeping an erection
  • Sexual fetishes
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Sexual timidity and passivity
  • Anxiety about embracing their sexual agenda when approaching women
  • Tendency to create relationships with sexually wounded partners
  • Religious issues around sex
  • Neurotic guilt
  • Excessive fear of sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy
This is why I created “Sex on Saturday.”
Sex On Saturday Workshops

Small-group workshops in Bellevue WA for men who want to challenge their sexual issues and open the door to having all the great sex they desire.

Only ONE Workshop Remains:
Whatever Sexual Issues You Struggle With, We Will Deal With

Dr. Robert Glover, Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

How Sex on Saturday Works
  • Small-group intensive workshops dealing with any and all sexual issues.
  • All workshops will be led by Dr. Robert Glover.
  • Enrollment is limited to eight men in each workshop.
  • Workshops are open to all men, straight, gay, single, married.
  • Workshops meet on the fourth Saturday of every month between May and September.
  • Location, Bellevue WA.
  • Sign up for as many workshops as you want – one or all six, no minimum requirement.
  • Workshops meet between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This includes six hours of workshop time with a one-hour “brown bag” lunch break.
  • Cost: $200 in advance, $250 day of workshop (when available).
  • Every workshop will be unique and will focus on the needs of the individual participants.

A Safe Place

Come join a safe (and fun) space with me and seven other recovering Nice Guys and deal with issues like:
  • Releasing sexual shame and guilt
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Practicing the three rules for great sex
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Gaining sexual experience
  • Breaking porn and masturbation addictions
  • Becoming sexually assertive
  • Understanding how women work
  • Opening up a woman sexually
  • Developing sexual confidence

How you do sex says a lot about the way you do life.

How you do life says a lot about the way you do sex.

Registration includes:

Sex On Saturday Bonus Pack

Six podcasts on sex.

  • The “Sex Talk”
  • Fear of STDs and Mojo Mantras
  • What Jesus Said About Sex
  • How to Open Up a Woman Sexually
  • Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Sex and Anxiety

eBook, “Transform Your Sex Life in 24 Hours or Less”

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Refund policy

You must pay in advance. Request for refunds received 14 days prior to the workshop will be refunded at 50% or applied to a future workshop at 100%. Refund requests made within 14 days of the workshop will be applied to a future workshop.


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"I highly recommend Dr. Glover's Sex on Saturday Workshop for any man who wants to improve his dating and sex life. Dr. Glover has down to earth, solid, and practical advice that really works.”

Paul J., Bellevue WA
“I would recommend Dr. Glover's workshops to any man who's finally ready to stand up to who and what they've been up until this point in their life. His knowledgeable, no bullshit, and "to-the-point" teaching techniques demanded that I face a few things about myself I'd previously been afraid to admit and then, ultimately, address the issues. There isn't a quick-fix to "Nice Guy" characteristics, but over time and with proper guidance deep, unresourceful patterns fall away. Robert teaches new patterns associated with an Integrated Male and I am certainly happy we crossed paths at a time in my life when I needed some help.”

Paul, Los Angeles, Ca