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Jason Miller
San Diego / Southern California
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Jason MillerJason’s entire life has been dedicated to self-improvement and self discovery. Frustrated in his relationships with women, he spent years working with coaches and therapists in order to gain satisfaction in his life. Ultimately, Jason became certified to train and coach men using the methods that had served him so well. Using these skills and techniques, Jason has helped many men increase their confidence around women and become empowered in their dating lives. 
Even as a successful coach, Jason always knew he was a "nice guy." But it wasn't until he discovered Dr. Glover's book that he fully understood the reasons why he'd been struggling all his life. Because of his desire to help other nice guys recover and succeed, Jason became a No More Mr. Nice Guy Certified Coach. 
Jason coaches groups as well as one on one. He specializes in helping men develop their own charisma in the areas of dating, sales, and public speaking. Jason's purpose is to help you find your unique, authentic power so you can feel better confident and achieve your goals.