Consultation with Dr. Glover

Are You Ready to Go Deep?

I consult with men who are ready to make a big investment in themselves. Is this you?

My goal is to create a concierge, "full service" relationship between you and myself. I will be available to help you really dive deep and achieve your goals in a short amount of time.

If you are committed to going all the way in with your personal recovery, I offer the following consultation package:

  • Six 50-minute zoom consultations (All sessions must be used within six months of purchase).
  • Unlimited check-ins with me 24/7 via text and email.
  • Choice of two of my on-demand video courses.
    • All The Way In
    • The Ruminating Brain
    • Positive Emotional Tension
    • Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management.

Consultation Package Cost: $6,000USD

Application for Consultation

Write me a brief description of your current situation and what you want to work on in consultation. If it looks like there might be a good fit, we will set up a 30-minute zoom call in which we can decide together whether or not to proceed.

Please only contact me if you already know you are willing to make a major commitment of time and money to your personal growth and happiness.

Are you ready to go deep?

Email me and let's talk.