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"My mind is spinning from our session today, but I feel very positive. Thank you for your help, today both reaffirmed many of my thoughts as well as opened a new way to worth with my wife together. I look forward to speaking again soon and talking about the progress. Thanks again!"

Matt E., NY
“I just want to offer you my heart-felt thank you again for last week's session. It felt easy and comfortable to open up to you and discuss my issues with you. I was reminded again of what a true gift and talent you have for counseling. It definitely feels to me like you are living your purpose, and that inspires me.”

Ron F., Calgary, AB, Canada

“Dr. Glover bypasses the typical psycho-babble and delivers a tough but accurate assessment. More importantly he gives clear, actionable steps on what to do next. He's my go-to-guy when I need an independent 3rd party to give me a read on the situation.”

B.R.  Dallas,  TX

"I was stunned by the clear insight displayed in Dr. Glover's book No More Mr Nice Guy and sought him out for internet consultation. I was stunned squared and then some by Dr. Glover's penetration and understanding of my circumstances and emotional state during our initial consultation. I benefited immensely from his analysis of several areas. In particular, having suffered from depression and confusion for literally decades, Dr. Glover was able to pinpoint that I was likely an ADD sufferer. This was subsequently strongly confirmed and had been completely missed by all the medical professionals and psycho-therapists I had interacted with for my entire life. I believe Dr. Glover has an extremely developed gift of psychotherapeutic insight and I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone who responds to his writings test this.”

Robert B., London, England

“Plain and simple signing up for Dr. Glover’s Long Distance consultations was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Before contacting Dr. Glover I felt taken advantage of at work, confused with women, and worst of all unlovable. Dr. Glover helped me change my entire thought process and gave me several techniques that instantly made me feel better. I remember thinking after the very first phone call “Man I cant believe this is already working!” By the end of the sessions I ended up feeling better than l ever felt in my life (34 years) and I knew what is was like to Break Free from the nice guy I was in the past. I hope if you are considering LDC you do it because it will literally change your life for the better.”
Jeremy S. Durham NC

Tom Way“Grasping for anything that might help my situation, I read No More Mr. Nice Guy in the midst of going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. Something about Dr. Glover's frank and honest discussion of how men can get what they really want in life spoke to me, and I hired him for two long distance consultations. I have to say that it was the best decision I had made in years. The combination of supplemental documents and podcasts, and having access to Robert's undivided wisdom for those two sessions helped me to reevaluate what I truly wanted out of life, chart a course for the future, and rediscover the self I had lost 20 years ago. I am now in a very fulfilling relationship with a woman that I love, and who loves me.”

Tom Way, Newark, Delaware
“I’ve completed a lot of coaching and personal development work over the past few years. Although the people I’ve worked with have had the best of intentions, I’ve often felt there is a disconnect between identifying the way I’m feeling and how I practically deal with those feelings. Robert’s approach is different from others I’ve worked with. Not only has he helped me identify and put some of those underlying nagging feelings of things being “not quite right” into context, but he has also provided effective practical strategies for helping me address those feelings and helping change the way I “show up” in the world. If you identify with Robert’s work, I highly recommend reading his book or taking one of his courses. You’ll get results!”

Brent, Dubai

"Robert has been an extremely useful sounding board on not only relationship and emotional issues but also business and professional matters. He provides practical advice underpinned by a deep understanding of the male and female psyches. I use the long distance consultation as a means of personal coaching and mentoring on a regular basis - which has been very useful for me in running my own business where I am the sole proprietor."

Peter, Geneva, Switzerland