Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Paul Taillefer
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Paul Image ThumbPaul is a life coach, group facilitator, teacher, father and businessman. He brings his own personal experience of addiction recovery, self-help, growth and development from varied sources into his commitment to helping men truly become the integrated man that we all have deep inside of us. He was certified as a NMMNG Coach in 2013, and completed his personal & life Coaching certification in 2015. Paul is proud to be offering the first NMMNG Support group in Canada, supporting Men reach their personal goals in their lives.

No More Mr. Nice Guy recovery groups
Facilitated by Paul Taillefer, MCC, Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach
Edmonton, Alberta;
  • Tuesday's: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Wednesday’s: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  • Online group - Wednesday's: 5:00pm to 6:30pm
  • One on One Coaching available (call to schedule).
Requirements for Joining:
Interview and Orientation: Each member is required to have an individual interview and group orientation session to see where an individual is in their recovery, become familiar on how the group works and to facilitate an easy transition into the group.
Group Focus:
The group is a Men’s support group focusing on recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome based on Dr. Robert Glover’s work and teachings. The main focus is Men supporting Men in recovery from the NGS and to work at becoming the fully integrated Man that is within us all. Group support is one of the best methods for making effective change, and your commitment to the group is essential for it’s success, as well as your own.
Key Points of the group:
  • Confidentiality: What is discussed in group is strictly confidential. You may talk about your own experience outside of group, but not other men’s work.
  • Commitment: an initial pre-paid eight week commitment is required, to fully integrate recovery and to the group process.
  • Participation: Your attendance and willingness to participate is crucial and directly proportionate to your success in recovery. Groups are limited to 8 members.