DE Q&A Podcast 111004-111103: Four-Part Series on the Kind of Women to Avoid

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dating-essentials-for-men-podcast-graphicFour-Part Series on the Kind of Women to Avoid

In this four-part Dating Essentials for Men Q&A Podcast series, Dr. Glover discusses what kind of woman to avoid if you want to build a relationship that will bless your life and lighten your load. He gives an overview of the 5/5 list, the relationship triangle, and how to classify the women you meet. Dr. Glover discusses the kind of women to avoid, including “Wrong Women” (women who will make you unhappy and bring out the worst in you), “Really Wrong Women” (women who will make you suffer), and the queen mother of all Really Wrong Women, borderlines. He also explains why borderlines are so seductive, why they need constant chaos, and why you will always feel crazy with a borderline.

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