Intention Into Action Podcast 110701-110803: Seven-Part Series on Overcoming the Fear of Success

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Seven-Part Series on Overcoming the Fear of Success
(Same content as Dating Essentials for Men Q&A Podcast 110701–110803)

In this seven-part Intention Into Action Podcast series, Dr. Glover states that it is logical to avoid doing what might lead to success if success might bring all of the problems your brain fears it will. He discusses various reasons why Nice Guys fear success and presents ways to identify your fears and your self-limiting beliefs about success. Dr. Glover suggests ways to develop the confidence that you can handle whatever success brings. These include developing a gratitude practice, practicing receiving, celebrating your successes, and letting go of resentment. He discusses strategies for breaking free from co-dependent relationships by building support systems, learning to say “no,” and becoming a “good ender.” The series includes a guided imagery to help you visualize the success you desire (and fear) and describes how to create a “Mind Map” to help you keep moving in the direction of your deepest desires.

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