Intention Into Action Podcast 130303-130304: A Two-Part Series Breaking the Porn and Fantasy Habit

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A Two-Part Series Breaking the Porn and Fantasy Habit
Fantasy, porn, and masturbation are common problems for many men, especially Nice Guys. These behaviors become a problem when they become compulsive, begin to disrupt relationships, and/or replace the desire to connect with real people. In this two-part Intention into Action podcast series, Dr. Glover discusses the negative effects of porn, fantasy, and compulsive masturbation and gives a strategy for breaking free. He part two he talks about the loss of sex drive that often occurs when men stop using porn and fantasy. He shares ways to help the brain reset itself to its default sexual settings and gives other strategies for restoring a healthy sex drive.

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What is a normal sex drive ?
Posted by Mike on 2019-11-04 10:58:00