Intention Into Action Podcast 130703-130803: A Five-Part Series on Healthy Masturbation

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A Five-Part Series on Healthy Masturbation
One of the most revolutionary concepts Dr. Glover presents in his book No More Mr. Nice Guy is “healthy masturbation.” This concept is intriguing for many men who realize that compulsive, goal-oriented masturbation has been a problem since adolescence. But confusion sets in when they want to practice healthier self-gratification while still achieving the results from old-school jerking off. In this five-part Intention Into Action Podcast series, Dr. Glover answers several questions about healthy masturbation, including healthy fantasy vs. isolating, compulsive, and disconnecting fantasy. He responds to questions about what to think about during healthy masturbation, offering suggestions for observing and taking charge of one’s thoughts, and a question about wet dreams. He explains how to experience new pleasure and arousal that aren’t penis, erection, and ejaculation-centered. He answers questions about the masturbation-abstinence website  “NoFap.” He also presents a guided meditation for conscious self-pleasuring. In this series, Dr. Glover will show you how to break compulsive cycles, learn to receive, let go of performance sex, embrace hedonism and sensuality, and lay a foundation for healthy sexual connection with real, live people.

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