Intention Into Action Podcast 131201-131204: A Four-Part Series on Women

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A Four-Part Series on Women

To most men, women seem to be confusing and bewildering creatures. They can appear to be like the weather: unpredictable and ever-changing. In this four-part Intention Into Action Podcast series, Dr. Glover answers a dozen questions about women submitted by podcast listeners and members of his online dating and relationship courses. He answers questions about things men do to kill a woman’s sense of security, feeling needy in a relationship, responding negatively to a woman’s criticism, why women are wired to say “yes,” whether women’s emotions can be trusted, what to do when a woman is experiencing PMS, how to stop “showing off” for women, overcoming resentment toward women, breaking free from trying to please women, being attracted to older women, seeking connectedness with women, how to have long, deep conversations without killing emotional tension, and how to relate to strong women.

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