Dating Essentials For Men: Bonus Bundles

happy couple 10Dating Essentials for Men is made up of four separate four-week courses. These courses all support each other and can be taken in any order. The whole cycle of Dating Essentials courses are repeated every four months.

The "Mastering Your Mind" (MYM A & B) courses of Dating Essentials for Men focus on becoming aware of and challenging your false (and self-limiting) beliefs that keep you stuck at home by yourself every weekend.

The "Perfecting Your Practice" (PYP A & B) courses of Dating Essentials for Men focus on developing and practicing the skills to approach women with confidence, date successfully, and find your Really Great Woman.

All Dating Essentials for Men online courses are taught by Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

All courses of Dating Essentials for Men can be taken in any order.

There is no reason to be single unless you want to be!

How the Classes Work
When you register for this course, you will receive a link to a class webpage. Each week of the class, a new lesson will be added to the class page. Most lessons are presented through a written “lecture” in PDF format. You can download and print the lessons and homework. The course may also utilize some video and audio recordings.

The class webpage will also contain a class forum where you can post your responses to homework assignments. You will also be able to read and respond to the posts from other students and the comments posted by the instructor.

The instructor will log into the class forum one or two times per week, depending on the number of class posts. The instructor will make comments about the posts and sometimes gives additional homework assignments.

You can work at your own pace and
log into the class forum to read and post. There is no set class schedule. You can participate in the course anytime from anywhere.

Weekly Dating Essentials Podcasts

happy couple 2 2Participants in all Dating Essentials courses receive four new podcasts during each course. Class members can email me brief dating questions that they would like me to personally answer. I will pick from these questions and record a podcast that class members can download. The podcasts are typically about 20 - 30 minutes in length.
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Two-Course Bonus Bundles:

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Save $30. Bundle offers apply to Standard Registration only. Each Bonus Bundle begins with the next appropriate course on the schedule.

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Four-Course Bonus Bundle: $480

Save $120. Four course Bonus Bundle includes MYM A & B, PYP A & B.



100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the materials in Dating Essentials for Men, your money will be happily refunded!

Upcoming Dating Essentials for Men Online Classes

PYP B: Next Course, 6 August, 2012

happy couple 5Lesson 1: The Secrets that Natural Players Use to Test for Interest

Lesson 2: Testing for Interest (And Driving it Up), Pt 2

Lesson 3: The Shy Guy's Guide for Bantering and Flirting with Women

Lesson 4: Find Your Really Great Woman (She's Out There Looking for You)

MYM A: Next Course, 3 September 2012

happy couple 1Lesson 1: The Lies Your Mind Tells You About Yourself and Women

Lesson 2: The Joy of Dating: Uncover and Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Lesson 3: Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection -- Forever!

Lesson 4: Discover the Secrets of Abundance that Naturally Attract Women.

MYM B: Next Course, 8 October, 2012

happy couple 8Lesson 1: Learn How to Soothe Your Mind and Overcome Anxiety When Approaching Women.

Lesson 2: Use the Secret Women Don't Want You to Know to Your Advantage.

Lesson 3: Create a Lifestyle That Attracts Women Naturally.

Lesson 4: Activate Women's Basic Biological Urges.

happy couple 4Lesson 1: Pay Attention to the Little Things That Naturally Attract Women

Lesson 2: The Secrets of Successful Online Dating

Lesson 3: How to Date 12 Women in 12 Weeks

Lesson 4: Avoid the Number One Mistake All Nice Guys Make with Women (Don't Become a "Girlfriend With a Penis")


"This is the 4th Dating Essentials class I have taken. I've gotten more out of this than I have out of 10 years of PUA opinion based crap. The concept of testing for interest alone is a huge step forward and being a good ender is critical."

George L., Denver, CO

Magnus 1 1 1"Being 23 years old and one of the youngest members in Dr. Glover's Dating Essentials classes, I can honestly say that you develop universal valuable qualities that enable you to really connect and create excitement with men and woman in all ages for the rest of your life. The benefits of sexual confidence and a powerful mindset sure beats being another person to get those extra lays."

Magnus Gautestad, Norway

"These courses provided me with the confidence I need. I have the skills and courage to enter the dating world knowing that I can find my really great partner. They helped with my social skills, getting out of mindless 'comfort' routines, and consciously building the life I want."

Mohammed A., United Arab Emirates

"If you're looking for a simple and challenging course without the complex pickup models, this is it. must do the work, report back in class, and participate in order to get anything out of it (but that goes for most of life, doesn't it?). This course will make you extend your comfort zone and be talking to women in a short time. And when it's done, you'll wonder why you had a big problem with this in the first place. I even printed out my course material and had it bound so I can re-read it."

Michael W., Washington, D.C.

"I have taken every one of Dr. Glover’s Dating Essentials classes and each one is worth their weight in Gold. Before taking the classes I always wondered things like Does this girl like me or is she being nice? What should I buy for this girl so she will want to have sex with me? What line should I use to make “insert girl name here” to like me. After taking the classes the solutions to all of these are second nature to me now. I don’t even get nervous talking to beautiful women anymore. Its amazing how far I came in such a little amount of time with these classes. The information is useful, easy to follow and most importantly 100% effective. If you are considering taking the DE4M class I urge you to take the plunge. It’s been the most fun ride of my life and I owe it all to Dr. G."
Jeremy S. Durham NC

"Your Dating Essentials Q&A Podcasts and classes have opened a world of opportunities for me. My life (and I'm not just talking about the dating aspect) has improved to levels I couldn't even imagine 5 years ago. It's hard work, but it's totally worth it. Thank you Dr. Glover for doing this!"

Adrian, Everett, WA

Oz Cigar 1“Of the various things I'd tried regarding dating, Dr. Glover's courses have been most powerful, and there have been real results. Through the lessons and homework, I saw how much I wanted women to like me, and part of my manipulation was in hiding my sexual agenda. Learning to give myself permission to be a man with an open sexual agenda, I've related to women in a much more authentic and less stressful way. It's meant a richer, more interesting sex and dating life where I am honest about whether I want something longer term or quick fun. She gets to choose and I'm ok with either yes or no.”
Oz D., Chicago, IL

"I got married in July. I met my wife almost 2 years ago. From the beginning I have been practicing the main rule that I have learned in your classes: "set the tone, take the lead" (and accept responsibility for myself). After I met my wife, in about 3 weeks of dating, I caught myself thinking "Wow, I wouldn't mind marrying this woman!". And so I did. Everything was totally different, and to my utter surprise, suddenly I had no big doubts and I simply set the tone and took the lead."

Ondřej Čertík, Reno, NV

"I've read the book, took PYP classes and listened to dating podcasts from Dr Glover. All I can say is that it's simply dynamite! Dynamite because it gave me perspectives that I never believed really applied to myself, to relationships and to women in general and on perspectives that I thought really applied but were kept hidden. I feel fantastic and confident in approaching women and being able to find a great match for a myself rebuilt from the inside! Many thanks, Dr Glover!"
Jason, Adelaide, Australia

“I took your Dating Essentials courses last year, and my dating and sex life has improved tremendously as a result.  This year I subscribed to your podcasts as a way to keep integrating the concepts and material into my life. . . what was most interesting for me was the emotional response I had. I felt this large emotional upwelling come from within me, and I finally felt in my deepest inner being that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with me. This was something I deeply believed before I started your DE courses last year, and have been slowly beating it into submission. But tonight I felt it breathe its last breath before it turned to dust. In a flash on insight, I realized that all my dating frustration was not the result of me being defective in some way, but rather, never having learned this particular skill set. Thanks so much!”
Ron F., Calgary, AB, Canada

“I signed up for the Dating Essentials classes to get better dating skills. Soon after applying what I learned in the DE classes I was going on two and three dates a week – with a totally different woman each time! I dated more women during the few months I took the classes than in my entire prior years on this earth put together. Whether you want to date multiple women at the same time, or find that special person, these classes work and can help you. They made me realize the truth – you don’t need to put on a mask to attract women, it’s more about taking the mask off.”

R. from NY