Virtual NMMNG Coach/Therapist Certification Workshop

nmmng coach cert landing
6-Week Virtual Workshop for Men

Led by Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy and Dating Essentials for Men.

Two Workshop Options Available

Each workshop meets online for three hours for six consecutive weeks

  • Workshop #1: Fridays, 6:00 PM PDT (gmt - 7) starting 17 July 2020
  • Workshop #2: Sundays, 10:00 AM PDT (gmt -7) starting 19 July 2020
Keep reading for details and worldwide times

Expand your skills for working with recovering Nice Guys in individual and group settings and take your own recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome to the next level. Take advantage of my extensive referral network of men seeking therapy, coaching, and group support.

Workshop Focus

What You Will Get Out of this Virtual Certification Workshop

The No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach/Therapist Certification workshop will focus on providing tools to help you in your work with recovering Nice Guys. The workshop will consist of didactic sharing, Q & A, group process, and individual personal development.

All sessions will be personally led by Dr. Glover.

The NMMNG Coach/Therapist Certification workshop is held in conjunction with the virtual Total Personal Integration (TPI) workshop. Certification participants and TPI workshop participants all work together in a small-group virtual environment.

Certification participants will engage in their own personal recovery while learning tools to help recovering Nice Guys. All workshop participants will address the following dynamics in their own lives as an experiential learning tool for helping them in their work with recovering Nice Guys.

Here is what will be covered in six weeks:

  • How to recognize and reverse what turns men into Nice Guys
  • How to take responsibility for getting your needs met
  • How to love yourself and let others love you
  • How to release toxic shame
  • How to create cooperative reciprocal relationships
  • How to differentiate yourself and break free from fused systems
  • How to create containers for change
  • How to become an integrated male
  • How to become your authentic self
  • How to soothe anxiety instead of managing it
  • How to create positive emotional tension (PET)
  • How to set boundaries
  • How to connect with men
  • How to challenge your masculine self
  • How to nurture your feminine self
  • How to date and create healthy relationships
  • How to experience healthy and satisfying sex
  • How to live with purpose and passion

These are the topics typically covered in my in-person workshops. Handouts, videos, Powerpoint, and other digital tools will be used in the presentation and application of these subjects. Homework assignments will be given between sessions to help you apply these principles to your own life as well as to the clients with whom you work. All group workshop sessions will be recorded so that you can refer to them in the future.

Benefits of Certification

Certification is open to any man who desires to further his own recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome as well as assist others in their recovery (coaching, therapy, groups, peer support).

The NMMNG Certification Workshop is ideal for:

  • Professional therapists who have completed training and who are licensed or certified in their field.

  • Professional life coaches who are actively working full or part time in their profession.

  • Non-professionals who are considering becoming therapists or professional coaches, are presently in training, or who want to work with men on a non-professional basis.

  • Men who want to advance their own personal recovery and want the extra benefits of the NMMNG certification track.

What participants will receive

For all workshop participants (regardless of current license, certification, or professional experience):

  • 18+ hours of small-group interaction with Dr. Glover and other workshop participants dealing with all aspects of recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome.

  • Enrollment in all online classes at TPI University over a 12-month period.

  • 14 of Dr. Glover's top-selling podcasts

Coaches and therapists who have completed professional training and are currently certified and/or licensed in their field:

  • A listing on as a Certified NMMNG Coach/Therapist .

  • Referrals to men and women who contact Dr. Glover seeking coaching or therapy.

  • The right to advertise themselves as a NMMNG Certified Coach/Therapist.

Participants in the workshop who are not currently licensed or certified as a therapist or personal coach at the time of the workshop can receive the benefits above upon completion of professional training and certification and/or licensure in their field.

Note: This workshop is not a coach training program. While it will introduce participants to many concepts focusing on recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome and provide resources for building a coaching business, it is not an in-depth coach training program.

How it Works

Workshop Format

Each workshop will meet for five consecutive weeks in May and for a sixth session in June. Participants will meet virtually as a group for three hours in a Zoom video conference room.

These sessions will include a beginning practice or meditation, member check-in, review of past homework and practice assignments, presentation of topics determined by the workshop members’ needs, discussion and application, and follow-up homework and practice assignments.

The Zoom sessions will be recorded, but workshop participants are expected to attend every online session (exceptions made for illness or unavoidable circumstances).

Between sessions, workshop participants will be expected to complete the homework and practices and to connect with each other via a dedicated WhatsApp group. Building connection and deep relationship with the other men is a priority and core benefit of participation.

Workshop participants will receive a resource page with diagrams, a selection of podcasts, videos, suggested reading, and links for the Zoom sessions.
Participant Commitments

All participants will be expected to commit to:
  • Showing up for every session
  • Bringing their "A" game and playing full out
  • Revealing self, taking risks, and getting outside of their comfort zone
  • Doing homework assignments and practices between sessions
  • Participating in online forums and supporting other participants
A laptop or desktop computer, strong broadband internet connection, headphones, and a quiet location are required for participation.
Workshop Schedule & Location

Location: Online using Zoom and Whatsapp

Workshop #1: 6 Fridays (Ideal for Americas, Asia & Australia):

  • July 17
  • July 24
  • July 31
  • August 7
  • August 14
  • August 21

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT (gmt -7)

Worldwide start times:

Hawaii:  3:00 PM
Los Angeles: 6:00 PM
Chicago:  8:00 PM
New York:  9:00 PM
Bangkok: 8:00 AM Saturday
Hong Kong: 9:00 AM Saturday
Tokyo: 10:00 AM Saturday
Melbourne / Sydney: 11:00 AM Saturday
Auckland: 1:00 PM Saturday

Be sure and double check your time zone against the start time of Friday 6:00 PM PDT (gmt -7)

Workshop #2: 6 Sundays (Ideal for Americas, Europe & India):

  • July 19
  • July 26
  • August 2
  • August 9
  • August 16
  • August 23

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT (gmt -7)

Worldwide start times:

Hawaii:  7:00 AM
Los Angeles: 10:00 AM
Chicago:  12:00 Noon
New York:  1:00 PM
London: 6:00 PM
Amsterdam: 7:00 PM
Moscow:  8:00 PM
Mumbai: 10:30 PM

Be sure and double check your time zone against the start time of Sunday 10:00 AM PDT (gmt -7)

Submit Your Application

These TPI virtual certification workshop will be limited to 10 men to insure the optimal amount of personalized attention.

To apply for this certification Workshop, send Dr. Glover a short email (150 words or less) with a brief description of your Nice Guy recovery process to date and the current issues you are wanting to address. Personal motivation and commitment to taking your life to the next level should be described.

Please indicate which workshop you want to attend.

Dr. Glover will respond to all applications within 24 hours in the order they are received. Accepted applicants will be sent a link for a sign up page. All spots will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Cllick the button below to submit your application to Dr. Glover via emial.



Registration Fee

Cost $2,400.00 USD

Two Payment Options:

1. Pay in full and save $300: $2,100 USD

2. Pay in two equal payments of $1,200 USD (first payment in advance to reserve your spot, second payment before third virtual session.

Registration fee includes workshop and workshop resources.

Refund Policy

Do to a limited number of spaces available at the virtual certification workshop, any request for refund must be made at least 14 days before the event. Refund requests made at least 14 days before the workshop will be refunded at 50% of the workshop fee. No refund will be made within 14 days of the workshop, but the full registration fee can be applied to a future certification workshop.


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roger nix 1 1"It has been a month now since I completed your No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach Certification in Seattle. I had read No More Mr. Nice Guy and done several on-line classes and thought I knew your stuff pretty well. I was surprised when every day was full of new information and insights. I have done so many seminars and retreats I can't count them anymore and the week we spent with the group of men from around the world has completely shifted my attitude and behavior. Since the seminar my business has taken off. Thanks again."

Roger Nix, Seattle, WA, Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Life Coach

michael pariser"I recently took Dr. Glover's TPI Certification Workshop, and I was helped tremendously by watching him provide insightful and empathic understanding to the men taking the workshop, as well as by studying his fluid handling of the group's dynamics. Observing Dr. Glover at work enabled me to learn enough so that when, with his encouragement, I took the helm of the group, I felt far more confident and capable than I had when the workshop began. That meant a lot to me, since I had never run a group before, and it was exactly what I had taken the workshop to learn."

Dr. Michael Pariser, Los Angeles CA, Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Therapist

tailefer-paul-small"Robert, Thank you for such a wonderful weekend workshop! It was an amazingly intense but fulfilling weekend and I’m grateful for the group of men that showed up and the power that you bring to the whole process.
I am enthused more than ever to now pursue my coaching training and eventually start a NMMNG support group here in Edmonton. It was very beneficial to see other Nice Guys with their struggles, individual challenges and yet notice that we are all on the same similar path. The benefit of group support is very powerful indeed!
Thank you again for being you, and bringing your game 100% plus to the whole was very powerful, challenging, expanding and masculine! I had a great time and I look forward to more experiences like this, with you, and beyond."

Paul Taillefer, Edmonton CA