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Weekend No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach Certification Program


Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Led by Dr. Robert Glover,
Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

Expand your skills for working with recovering Nice Guys in individual and group settings and take your own recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome to the next level. Take advantage of Dr. Glover’s extensive referral network of men seeking therapy, coaching, and group support.
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Benefits of Certification

Certification is open to any man who desires to further his own recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome as well as assist others in theirs (via coaching, therapy, groups, peer support).

The NMMNG Certification Workshop is ideal for:

  • Professional therapists who have completed training and are licensed or certified in their field.
  • Professional life coaches who are actively working full or part time in their profession.
  • Non-professionals who are considering becoming therapists or professional coaches, are presently in training, or who want to work with men on a non-professional basis.
  • Men who want to advance their own personal recovery and want the extra benefits of the NMMNG certification track.

What participants will receive

For all certification participants (regardless of current license, certification, or professional experience):

  • Participation in a TPI weekend workshop with Dr. Glover dealing with all aspects of recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome
  • Lifetime membership in Platinum Tier of Integration Nation
  • Access to all TPI University on-demand video courses
  • 14 of Dr. Glover's top-selling podcasts
  • Twice yearly coaching webinars (and the recordings of previous coaching webinars)

Coaches and therapists who have completed professional training and are currently certified and/or licensed in their field:

  • A listing on as a Certified NMMNG Coach/Therapist.
  • Referrals to men and women who contact Dr. Glover seeking coaching or therapy.
  • A blurb in Dr. Glover's monthly Intention Into Action newsletter.
  • The right to advertise themselves as a NMMNG Certified Coach/Therapist.
Participants in the workshop who are not currently licensed or certified as a therapist or personal coach at the time of the workshop can receive the benefits above upon completion of professional training and certification and/or licensure in their field.

I enjoyed and took tremendous value from the certification workshop. The concepts presented, the personal feedback, and the group connection are all worth a lot. Dr. Glover has a talent for explaining things very well and going as deep as one can hope. I totally recommend the workshop. Bulgaria

What To Expect

Note: The No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach / Therapist Certification program is not a coach-training program.

While this program will introduce participants to many concepts focusing on recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome and provide resources for building a coaching business, it is a certification program, not an in-depth coach-training program.

What does this mean?

The NMMNG certification program is an opportunity for certification candidates to do a deep dive into all of Dr. Glover’s teaching materials. This includes all of his TPI University online courses (you may take any of them as many times as you want), many of his top podcasts, his Dating Essentials for Men Bonus Bundle, his No More Mr. Nice Guy Breaking Free Toolkit, and a trove of other teaching materials he has created.

The certification also includes a one-hour consultation with Dr. Glover and access to live group mastermind webinars with his other certified coaches two or three times a year.

Additionally, certified coaches and therapists receive a listing on plus client referrals. They can also promote their coaching programs and products in Dr. Glover’s Intention Into Action monthly newsletter.

The heart of the NMMNG Certification program is participation in a TPI Weekend workshop. Certification participants and TPI workshop participants will work together in a small-group environment.

Dr. Glover believes we evolve the most as coaches and therapists by doing our own work. That’s the reason he builds the certification process around a TPI workshop – so you can work on your own Nice Guy issues while watching and learning firsthand how he works with men in a group/workshop setting.

The benefits of the No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach / Therapist Certification program is that participants grow both as recovering Nice Guys and as professionals helping other men on their own journeys of recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome.

If you are considering taking the coach certification workshop with Dr Glover, rest assured: you are getting a man of significant depth. No matter the issue presented, he approaches it with equanimity using a deft touch, big compassion, and incomparable skill. It's a real treat to watch him in action. Do not hesitate: he’s a bargain at twice the price. Canada.


TPI Workshop Schedule & Location


Participants will receive venue information and exact location after registration.



  • 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Workshop Session

Saturday & Sunday:

  • 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM: Workshop Session
  • 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Lunch with Dr. Glover and participants
  • 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Workshop Session

Cost & Application

Registration Fee: $3,500.00 USD


The registration fee does not cover airfare, transportation, lodging, or meals.


To apply for this workshop, send Dr. Glover a short email (150 words or less) containing 1.) a brief description of your Nice Guy recovery process to date, 2.) the current issues you want to address, and 3.) a statement about your motivation for and commitment to taking your life to the next level.

Dr. Glover will respond to all applications within 24 hours in the order in which they arrived. Accepted applicants will receive a link for a signup page. All spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


I'd like to express my appreciation for Dr. Glover sharing his vast grasp of human nature and relationships and for making such a positive impact in my life. Australia

Refund Policy

Do to a limited number of spaces available at the certification workshop, any request for refund must be made at least 30 days before the workshop. Refund requests made at least 30 days before the workshop will be refunded at 50% of the workshop fee. No refund will be made within 30 days of the workshop, but the full registration fee can be applied to a future certification workshop.

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The virtual TPI workshop was great and I highly recommend it. Even online, the setting was intimate enough that all of our questions were answered. Dr. Glover provided awesome exercises, many of which were quite unexpected and fun. North Carolina
I appreciate everything about the workshop. It was very impactful and packed with so much information that helped me discover myself. Singapore
Dr. Glover did an excellent job leading the virtual TPI workshop. He is really impressive in the way he leads and covers the coursework. I am really glad I did this program! Denmark
I just want to thank Dr. Glover for arranging this virtual workshop, as I’ve always wanted to work with him in the past. Somehow, this all just happened when I really needed it. Chicago
I appreciate Dr. Glover moving the TPI workshop online so people like me in far flung corners of the world could participate. Doing this workshop helped me feel better about my previous relationship and more hopeful about my marriage and future. New Zealand
I can't say enough about how Dr. Glover has impacted my life. He opened my eyes and helped me better understand myself. I appreciate his candor. He lays it out and make no apologies and exposes his own flaws as a way to help us see that it's normal to not be "normal.” Canada
I appreciate Dr. Glover’s message and I acknowledge and appreciate him for his years of curiousity and patience to continue to master and excel in his craft of leading men. I am grateful for his time, energy, and effort, and for sharing his knowledge and experience with us all. United Kingdom
If you are someone who has a passion for wisdom in action, loves challenges, and wants to witness and experience a bunch of total strangers from different parts of the world turn into a “band of brothers,” then the virtual TPI workshop is for you. You will get a taste of how it feels to be an integrated and authentic man as you get comfortable feeling uncomfortable without having to give in to any dysfunctional or addictive behaviors. The workshop is well organized and worth much more than every buck you pay. I highly recommend it. California