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Discover the Primal Power of Positive Emotional Tension

A One-Day Workshop for Men
Edmonton, Alberta CA
Saturday 27 June 2020

With Dr. Robert Glover
Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy and Dating Essentials for Men

Positive Emotional Tension (PET)

Here are the basics of Positive Emotional Tension (PET):

  • For a woman to be attracted to a man she has to feel emotional tension with him. This is often translated into physical and sexual desire.
  • For a woman to stay attached to a man and continue to desire him sexually she has to regularly feel emotional tension with him.

This is basically the opposite of what most men believe about attracting and keeping a woman. It's why the things a great number of men do don't work out so well and why so many men and women feel unnecessarily frustrated.

This is why single men fail to create attraction with women by being "nice." It is why many women in relationship lose sexual desire for their partner over time.

I have shared the principles of positive emotional tension with countless men in my workshops and seminars, and they regularly tell me how much PET principles have transformed the way they relate to women and women respond to them.

When I explain to women what I teach men about creating positive emotional tension, the most frequent response is "Where can I meet these guys?"

If you are ready to learn how to take a woman places she's never been before, and keep her coming back for more, this workshop will teach you how.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, PET will show you how to create magnetic attraction, authentic connection, and balls-to-the-wall amazing sex.

It doesn't matter if it is the first time you meet a woman, or if you've been together for years, the principles of Positive Emotional Tension are the basis of instant attraction and enduring passion.

What You Will Get From This Workshop

In this one-day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Harness the primal power of positive emotional tension (PET)
  • Effortlessly activate female sexual desire
  • Authentically and magnetically attract all things feminine (money, adventure, opportunity, women, and sex)
  • Powerfully penetrate women and world
  • Boldly live with purpose and passion
  • Become self-validating and let go of self-limiting beliefs
  • Overcome debilitating attachment to outcome
  • Get comfortable in your own skin and live life on your terms
  • Soothe anxiety and embrace emotional tension

This workshop is essential for all single men who want to learn how to attract great women, turn them on, and keep them coming back for more. Men in relationship will learn how to rekindle the fire in their relationship and keep it burning hot over time.

Workshop Details

Date: Saturday, June 27, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
A 90 minute break will be provided for lunch on your own.

Location: (Workshop location will be given after registration)

Cost: $350.00 USD. Registration fee includes workshop, materials. Registration fee does not include lodging or transportation.

Size: The workshop will be limited to 40 men. The workshop will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Once the workshop is full, the registration link will be removed.

Registration: Click the link below to register and make payment.



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peter johnson"Thank you for who you are! Your workshop changed my life. Like a comet whose orbit was jarred slightly, my path took whole new directions as a result of that day. Awesome new vistas are now mine as a result. I think about you and the training often.

I've done a lot of personal growth workshops and a lot of therapy over the years, and I rank you as "a force of nature." Your work is fabulous and much needed. 95% of the time, I'm now the man I want to be; in love, in work, in energy and spirit. My path now makes itself clear; all I have to do is pay attention. Thank you!"

Peter Johnson, CA

"I signed up for Dr. Glover’s Total Personal Integration (TPI) workshop unsure if it would be a waste of time. He portrays it as “life changing” but I wasn’t sure I would get anything out of it. I think of myself as a normal guy who has had a few problems with women, relationships and sex. Not that I’ve taken the workshop, I can tell you that it was everything Dr. Glover said it would be. It was life changing for me. I discovered things about myself, issues that have been hidden for forty years. Women haven’t been my problem. My deepest beliefs about myself are the problem. Now I can deal with those issues. That’s life changing. If you have any reservation please make the effort to attend any of Dr. Glover’s seminars or workshops. You won’t be disappointed."

John, 56, Engineer, Milwaukee WI
mine 1"The workshop was in a word; Fantastic. Dr. Glover takes the time to connect with each member in such a way that you feel the workshop is customized specifically for you.  He has a command of many different life issues and he makes them easy to understand. During the course of the day, you can feel the positive energy that’s generated from spending time with other men who are working to improve their lives. I came away with the new skills and techniques I can use to move to higher consciousness. Thank you."

Chuck, Fairfax Station VA 

"The TPI Workshop is having a snowball effect on my life and the snowball is working in my favor for a change. Within one week of implementing what I learned in the workshop, I have seen meaningful changes in my life that will last a lifetime. The TPI Workshop is life-changing and it far exceeded my expectations!"

Jeff Moore, Portland, OR

brian 1"I have to say the TPI weekend was one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, life altering weekends I've had in decades. I've been to numerous personal growth seminars and this one definitely ranks up at the top of them. It was very relaxing, action packed, fun, and jammed with tons of information that I'll use for the rest of my life.   

In particular, I found the masculine and feminine chart especially life altering. I have the chart saved in my blackberry, I plastered on my wall at home in my office, and have it with me wherever I go. I even refer to it when I'm on dates!   This one topic alone has changed the way I look at my life, the way I see women, and my relationship with women.

Besides having a mind blowing weekend of information, I also met a great group of guys who I intend to stay in touch with for years to come. The amazing seminar is one thing, but no amount of materialism or money can replace the relationships and friendships formed during this weekend. Oh, I almost forgot to mention spending an awesome weekend in the sun in Puerto Vallarta was also a huge bonus.

I totally recommend this weekend to anyone who is interested in improving their lives, personal growth, forming great new friendships that can last a lifetime, and taking their life to the next level. I feel like a completely new person and plan to live my life in a way I never dreamed of thanks to the TPI weekend.  Thanks again!!!"

Brian Young, Toronto, Canada
“Dr Glover has great insight into the masculine mind and habits. If you have a problem being assertive, as I had, or a myriad of other things keeping you from success, I would highly recommend, No More Mr Nice Guy. Even greater still, attending one of his workshops and seeing that what he teaches is for real and applicable to every man.”

Randy H.

JAFPhoto"I recently attended a TPI (Total Personal Integration) weekend workshop with Dr. Robert Glover. The workshop has been incredibly valuable to me and was certainly worth the time and money. 

I had read Dr. Glover's book several years prior, but having an intensive weekend to explore the "Nice Guy" concepts in depth, in person and in community with 7 other men really allowed me to "get it" on a deep personal level. Most importantly, my life has changed! In my daily life I am now more honest, more courageous, more confident and better able to sooth my anxiety without resorting to booze or numbing activities.

Overall, I am happier and the future looks brighter to me. Along with the workshop, Dr. Glover makes a series of podcasts available to attendees. I have found the podcasts to be very helpful in focusing and reviewing the concepts I explored at the workshop. I heartily recommend the TPI workshop to any man wanting to improve his life."

Jeff F. - Denver, CO

“After taking Dr. Glover's TPI Workshop I was able to have significant breakthroughs in my personal  and professional life. Get out of your comfort zone, do what makes you feel anxious, and go to one of his workshops!”

Kelsey Bratcher, Chandler AZ