Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management: Seattle, WA

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A Two-Day Workshop for Men
Who Want to Live Up to Their Full Potential
In Work and Career

Seattle WA USA
May 9 - 10, 2020

Get unstuck

Stop procrastinating, avoiding, and falling short

Find your passion and purpose

Live the life of your dreams

Nice Guys Don't Finish Last

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Nice Guys rarely finish last. In reality, they usually get stuck somewhere in "middle management." This applies to:
  • Nice Guys in the business world who watch others with less experience and skills move past them up the corporate ladder.
  • Entrepreneurs who can't seem to get unstuck and take their own company to the next level.
  • Men who are suffocating in dead-end and/or unfulfilling jobs who are too afraid to walk away and follow their passions.
  • Everyone who has struggled to live up to their full potential, who are leaving too much on the table, and are falling short of their dreams and aspirations.
For Nice Guys, the same behaviors and self-perpetuated systems that prevent them from achieving happiness in their personal lives also prevent them from achieving desired success in their professional lives.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is preventing you from getting that position that you desire?
  • What is stopping you from quitting your day job and launching your own passion project?
  • How do you sabotage yourself and repeatedly act against your best interests?
  • Where do you get distracted by deceptive productivity and fail to follow through on what is really important to you?
  • What behaviors or false beliefs about yourself are preventing you from rising to the top in your chosen field?
  • How do you give away your purpose, passion, and power?
  • Where are you playing small?

The answers to these questions hold the key to you living up to your full potential and having the life and career you crave.

Workshop Topics

Topics that will be covered in the workshop that often prevent men from achieving their professional goals or full potential include:
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Lack of a personal & professional support system
  • Fear of rejection
  • Playing it safe
  • Fear of success
  • Lack of set personal and professional goals
  • Conflict avoidance / people pleasing
  • Not wanting to rock the boat
  • Fear of saying “no”
And much, much more!

What You Will Get Out of the Workshop

As a result of the work you do in this workshop, you will more effectively be able to:
  • Stop self-sabotaging at work.
  • Be more confident when speaking and presenting your ideas.
  • Set the tone and take the lead at work.
  • Develop abundance thinking.
  • Get past taking anything personally.
  • Live up to your potential in work and career.
  • Push yourself to achieve new professional goals
  • Understand how to be an effective leader from the “inside-out”.
  • Position yourself to accelerate your career.
The Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management workshop is for men who have been struggling to advance their career and are ready to understand and overcome what keeps them stuck and unfulfilled.

This two-day, Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Rot In Middle Management workshop will help men to identify the ineffective thought processes and behaviors that keep them from realizing their passion and achieving success in work and career.

You will learn how to identify the ways in which you prevent yourself from living up to your full potential and you will begin applying new ways of thinking and acting that will start you on your way to reaching your career goals and your full professional potential.

If you're ready to find your passion, stop sabotaging your success, and start living up to your full potential, this workshop is for you.

You will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of your blind spots and sticking points + a clear plan of action to get you moving forward and living up to your full potential in work and career.

Workshop Details

Dates and Location

May 9 - 10, 2020

Courtyard Marriott / South Lake Union
925 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109 

Men only
Limit 30 participants

Two full days covering the Nice Guy patterns that keep men from living up to their potential in work in career and a proven plan for getting unstuck and becoming a full achiever.

All workshop participants will receive access to a special resource page in advance to help prepare for their workshop. The extra resources include:
  • Handouts and diagrams used in Dr. Glover's classes, groups, and workshops.
  • Podcasts relating to life, work, and career.
Participants will receive access to one current or future “Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management” online class at
Special VIP Package

Two-and-half day workshop, May 8th-May 10th
8 men maximum

VIP Package Includes:
  • Standard 2-day workshop
  • Exclusive Friday night session: 6:00 - 10:00 PM with workshop leaders and other VIPs
  • Exclusive catered lunches Saturday and Sunday with workshop leaders and other VIPs
  • Saturday night, private dinner at top-tier Seattle steakhouse with workshop leaders and other VIPs (all food and beverage included)
  • Four 90-minute Zoom group mastermind sessions with workshop leaders and other VIPs (one before workshop, three after).
  • Private Facebook mastermind group with workshop leaders and other VIPs.
  • Private WhatsApp support group with workshop leaders and other VIPs.
Details Below

Workshop Facilitators

Dr. Robert Glover
Dr. Robert Glover is the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and Life, as well as his highly popular latest book, Dating Essential for Men.

Dr. Glover has helped thousands of men with addressing challenges of their professional lives through his highly popular online class, Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management. Dr. Glover developed this class in 2002 and it continues to be one of his most popular and powerful courses at TPI University.
This two-day workshop will incorporate everything Dr. Glover has learned over the last 20 years helping men get out of their own way and live up to their full potential in work and career. Dr. Glover's hands-on approach and real-world experience will be translated into a powerful in-person workshop experience.

Tim Rhodes
Tim Rhodes is a certified Mr. Nice Guy Coach with over 20 years of experience consulting leaders in the corporate world. As a consultant to hundreds of the Fortune 500, Tim has helped leaders at companies such as Sprint, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IBM, HP, and Microsoft overcome often hidden employee, business strategy, and operational challenges to get their companies back on track.
Tim's upcoming book on leadership, Leadersh*t: Its Why Your Company Sucks, (June 2020), is based on his past consulting experience and focuses on the personal traits of successful leaders that have built companies with innovative cultures, engaging employees, and happy customers.

Workshop Schedule

Standard workshop:

Saturday & Sunday, May 9-10 2020:  9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

VIP Package:

Saturday & Sunday, May 9-10 2020:  9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

+ VIP Mastermind Session: Friday, May 8 2020: 6:00 - 10:00 PM

+ Catered lunches Saturday and Sunday

+ Dinner Saturday night

Workshop Cost & Registration

Standard Two-Day Workshop

Registraton:  $1,194 USD

Early Bird Registration until April 15, 2020: $995 USD



VIP Package

Registration: $3,295 USD

Early Bird Registration until April 15, 2020: $2,995 USD


Space is limited and this workshop will sell out!

Make the investment in yourself and take your life and career to the next level!

Refund Policy

Do to a limited number of spaces available at this workshop, any request for refund will be charged a handling fee. Refund requests made at least 30 days before the workshop will be refunded at 75% of the workshop fee. Refund requests made less than 30 days before the workshop will be refunded at 50% of the workshop fee.

Workshop Location


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peter johnson"Thank you for who you are! Your workshop changed my life. Like a comet whose orbit was jarred slightly, my path took whole new directions as a result of that day. Awesome new vistas are now mine as a result. I think about you and the training often.

I've done a lot of personal growth workshops and a lot of therapy over the years, and I rank you as "a force of nature." Your work is fabulous and much needed. 95% of the time, I'm now the man I want to be; in love, in work, in energy and spirit. My path now makes itself clear; all I have to do is pay attention. Thank you!"

Peter Johnson, CA

“Dr Glover has great insight into the masculine mind and habits. If you have a problem being assertive, as I had, or a myriad of other things keeping you from success, I would highly recommend, No More Mr Nice Guy. Even greater still, attending one of his workshops and seeing that what he teaches is for real and applicable to every man.”

Randy H.