No More Mr. Nice Guy Certified Coaches & Therapists

The following therapists and coaches have completed extensive training and certification with Dr. Robert Glover. They are Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coaches and Therapists.

Each coach and therapist offers their own unique approach to helping men break free from the Nice Guy Syndrome and become Integrated Men. These professionals are highly trained and are licensed or certified in their unique field.

While Dr. Glover verifies that the coaches and therapists on the list below are qualified professionals and have completed NMMNG Certification, Dr. Glover cannot take responsibility for nor is he liable for the individual actions or practices of these professionals. If for any reason, you have concern about the professional ability or actions of any of these professionals, please contact Dr. Glover.

 NMMNG Coaches and Therapists

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Boston, MA
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Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA
Silicon Valley / SF Peninsula, CA

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If you are a licensed therapist or certified life coach, you can become a No More Mr. Nice Guy Certified Coach/Therapist. After a weekend certification workshop, you will receive ongoing consultation, referrals, and a listing on

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NMMNG Certified Therapists

Steven Sutton
Portland, OR
Email Steven Sutton
(503) 473-6725

sutton-steven-smallSteve Sutton is a licensed clinical social worker and became a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy therapist in 2014. Steve has a private practice running Nice Guy recovery groups both online and in Portland, Oregon. Before working with Nice Guys, Steve worked for over 10 years in New York City, Seattle, and Portland with adults and families experiencing a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, persistent mental illness, and high conflict divorce. Steve is passionate about working with men in recovery from Nice Guy Syndrome. His groups are small, focused, and provide their members with a safe and challenging space to explore their issues while learning from other men on a similar journey.

Ted Helm, LICSW
Boston, MA area
Email Ted Helm

ted help 2Ted Helm has been practicing psychotherapy since 1999, including as the director of an intensive group therapy program. He has been involved in the NMMNG recovery community since 2000. In addition to working with recovering Nice Guys, Ted works with adults on a wide range of problems and teaches cooking as a chef-instructor.

Dr. Michael Pariser
Los Angeles CA
Email Dr. Pariser

michael pariserDr. Pariser is a psychotherapist in West Los Angeles specializing in the treatment of emotional disorders, including depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. In addition, he provides help for life issues related to relationships, self-esteem, career, creativity, and personal growth and change.

Ken Curry,  MA LMFT
Denver South Metro Area
Email Ken Curry
(720) 335-0284
curry-ken-smallKen Curry is a father, husband, mentor, friend and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). His specialty is manhood, masculinity and relationships. He is a recovering Nice Guy who is continually exploring new avenues of strength, vitality and purpose.

Ken works from the premise that masculinity is good and that each man brings significance into our world and that men have been designed to move with freedom, presence and strength. Along with individual and relationship counseling, Ken provides ongoing groups for men to overcome Nice Guy Syndrome and to build personal integrity in order to influence the world with intent and passion. Ask him about other possibilities as well.


Michael Samsel
Seattle, WA, USA
Email Michael Samsel
Phone: 206-931-8355

Michael SamselMichael has been practicing therapy since 2005. In his work with men, he seeks to help clients find a strong sense of self and a feeling of mastery. Through cognitive, experiential, and bodywork approaches, Michael works to increase a clients freedom of action, which arises from increasing freedom of feeling, freedom of movement, and freedom of self expression.
NMMNG Life Coaches:

Paul Taillefer
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Email Paul Taillefer
Phone: 780-721-7015

Paul Image Thumb
Paul is a life coach, group facilitator, teacher, father and businessman. He brings his own personal experience of addiction recovery, self-help, growth and development from varied sources into his commitment to helping men truly become the integrated man that we all have deep inside of us. He was certified as a NMMNG Coach in 2013, and completed his personal & life Coaching certification in 2015. Paul is proud to be offering the first NMMNG Support group in Canada, supporting Men reach their personal goals in their lives.

Jim Parker
Austin, TX
Email Jim Parker

Jim-Parker-smallJim Parker is a group facilitator, Master Certified Coach and author. He brings 18 years of coaching experience in supporting people in transformation, career change, and business success. He is a member of International Coach Federation and the Austin ICF chapter.
Jim has been on a journey of transformation since 1988. His journey included a 5 year spiritual sabbatical, 12 step programs, individual and group therapy and trips to Oneness University in India in 2012 and 2013. Offering NMMNG groups allows Jim to be a support for other men as they continue their journey to transformation.

Jason Miller
San Diego / Southern California
(619) 929-0567
Email Jason Miller


Jason MillerJason’s entire life has been dedicated to self-improvement and self discovery. Frustrated in his relationships with women, he spent years working with coaches and therapists in order to gain satisfaction in his life. Ultimately, Jason became certified to train and coach men using the methods that had served him so well. Using these skills and techniques, Jason has helped many men increase their confidence around women and become empowered in their dating lives. 
Even as a successful coach, Jason always knew he was a "nice guy." But it wasn't until he discovered Dr. Glover's book that he fully understood the reasons why he'd been struggling all his life. Because of his desire to help other nice guys recover and succeed, Jason became a No More Mr. Nice Guy Certified Coach. 
Jason coaches groups as well as one on one. He specializes in helping men develop their own charisma in the areas of dating, sales, and public speaking. Jason's purpose is to help you find your unique, authentic power so you can feel better confident and achieve your goals.

Ata Amiri
Silicon Valley and San Francisco Peninsula
Email Ata Amiri


amiri-ata-smallAfter a successful tech career in Silicon Valley, Ata followed his dreams of becoming a Life Coach and men's group facilitator. He is a recovering Mr. Nice Guy. He has a deep commitment to helping men become integrated and emotionally healthy human beings while enjoying a life of fulfillment. He creates a safe and confidential container whereby men share their lives authentically with other men, get to know and work with emotions, and experience non-judgmental and non-competitive masculine support.

Ata utilizes years of training in mind-body based psychotherapy, the Enneagram of personality assessment, east-west wisdom systems, and CoActive coaching skills, while working with individuals who seek 1:1 coaching.


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