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Saturday, 22 December, 2018
Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:
  • How to overcome obsessive thoughts about a partner’s past sexual history.
  • How to deal with a ruminating brain that keeps one depressed, isolated, and stuck in life.
  • How to get out of the nursery and find masculine initiation in order to live up to one’s full potential.
  • How to deal with one’s ruminating brain when a family member (mother) comes to visit and triggers old emotional wounds.
  • How to set boundaries and lead in a relationship when one’s partner is vacillating about leaving.
  • How to manage one’s time in order to stay focused on passion and purpose – without shaming self for perceived failures.
  • How to become more conscious of emotional triggers behind compulsive eating.

Saturday, 17 November, 2018
Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:
  • Why it is challenging for many Nice Guys to connect with men.
  • How we have been conditioned to hang out in the "nursery."
  • The difference between female validation and love.
  • Finding a community of men.

Saturday, 6 October, 2018
Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:
  • What to do when a woman you've been dating tells you she wants to slow things down or just be friends.
  • Why getting overly attached to a woman turns you into a unattractive, pleasing Nice Guy.
  • How to navigate a relationship with a broken woman.
  • How trauma bonded relationships get started.
  • Why you should never try to get an ex back.
  • How to do "fast track" recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome?

Saturday, 25 August, 2018
Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:
  • How to break free from Nice Guy Syndrome when your wife threatens you with divorce every time you stand up for yourself?
  • How do you overcome shame so you can send your partner nasty text messages to create PET?
  • How to "manage up" at work, overcome anxiety around authority figures, and stop avoiding and putting things off?
  • If you plan to accomplish a lot in life is it better to avoid the distraction of women or make sure you marry a very calm, supportive woman?

Saturday, 28 July, 2018
Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:

  • From someone new in Nice Recovery, how do you not be a Nice Guy without becoming a jerk?
  • When you have a history of picking broken women and giving too much, how do you learn to take better care of self and set the tone in relationship?
  • How to recover after a breakup when you have no motivation?
  • How to stop projecting personal insecurities and fears onto wife?
  • How to date around after being a serial-monogamist?

Saturday, 30 June, 2018
Dr. Glover replied to questions regarding:
  • What to do when your girlfriend is confused and wants to get closure with an ex?
  • When you've never been happy in your marriage and your wife says she wants a divorce, should you give it one last try?
  • Understanding why we developed the Nice Guy paradigm in childhood and what to do when we are new to recovery.
  • Distancing and pursuing in relationships. Can we play different roles in different relationships?


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